Rise of the machines: who is the internet of things good for?

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The long read: Interconnected technology is now an inescapable reality ordering our shopping, monitoring our cities and sucking up vast amounts of data along the way. The promise is that it will benefit us all but how can it? In San Francisco, a young engineer hopes to optimise his life through sensors that track his […]


Microsoft unveils Surface Studio in bid for creative professionals

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The $3,000 computer is marketed to professionals as Microsoft shifts focus to technology that enables profound creation Microsoft is getting artsy. The tech giant unveiled tools for artists and designers on Tuesday in Manhattan, including a smartphone app that allows users to scan 3D images of everyday objects and move them around in virtual or […]


Microsoft Surface irks NFL coaches and stars: ‘I’m done with tablets’

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Teams use the tablet under a $400m deal but the publicity hasnt all been positive as Bill Belichick and others vent their frustrations Microsoft might pay the NFL $400m to use its tablets, but that doesnt stop players, coaches and announcers from complaining about the devices. Last week, the New England Patriots head coach, Bill […]