India’s crashed Vikram moon lander spotted on lunar surface

Nasa satellite sends back images showing wreckage of Chandrayaan-2 mission, with debris found scattered nearly a kilometre away A Nasa satellite orbiting the moon has found Indias Vikram lander, which crashed on the lunar surface in September, the US space agency said on Monday. Nasa released an image taken by its Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) […]

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We once marvelled at Neil Armstrong. Now space is a playground for the rich | John Harris

Nasas greatest feats were a triumph for mankind. History will be less kind to todays space pioneers, says Guardian columnist John Harris The promised journey is from Earth to the edge of space, rather than London Euston to Crewe, but the story of Richard Bransons company Virgin Galactic still has echoes of a bad passenger […]

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Stephen Hawking, science’s brightest star, dies aged 76

The physicist and author of A Brief History of Time has died at his home in Cambridge. His children said: We will miss him for ever Tributes poured in on Wednesday to lamented on Twitter that Genius is so fine and rare, while was more succinct, calling Hawking a fucking legend. Hawking was driven to […]

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How to tell if you damaged your eyes during the eclipse

Use this simple test to find out if viewing the eclipse through a kitchen colander has blinded you Hospitals around the country were inundated with people arriving at their emergency departments to see if they had sustained eye damage as a result of watching the .

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Perseid meteor shower: everything you need to know to see it

The annual meteor shower will fill the night sky with glowing streaks this weekend, as the Earth travels through debris shed by comet Swift-Tuttle From piquing the interest of astronomers to fuelling the musings of poets, meteor showers have left a trail of inspiration in their wake since humanity first peered up into the sky. […]

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Neil deGrasse Tyson: fighting science denial starts with people, not politicians

The astrophysicist talks about alien life, sci-fi and why he believes Australians shouldnt get stuck in traffic Albert Einstein has been called many things: a genius, a pioneer, a Nobel prize winner. Neil deGrasse Tyson just calls him a badass. I think it fits, right? Its not a stretch, he tells Guardian Australia before his […]

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Mike Pence touches Nasa equipment right next to ‘do not touch’ sign

US vice-president pictured with his left hand resting on critical space flight hardware for the Orion programme Mike Pence has jokingly defended himself after being photographed putting his hand on a piece of Nasa space equipment in contradiction of a do not touch sign. Pence was pictured with his left hand resting on part of […]

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Tying loose ends? Gravitational waves could solve string theory, study claims

New paper suggests that the hotly contested physics thesis, which involves the existence of six extra dimensions, may be settled by cutting-edge laser detectors String theory makes the grand promise of weaving together all of physics into a single sublime framework. The only downside is that scientists have yet to find any experimental proof that […]

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Why humans must not give up the quest for Mars | Nicky Jenner

Its costly, but by exploring the red planet we could solve some of the great mysteries about space and ourselves When US president Donald Trump called astronauts aboard the the most time spent in space by a Nasa astronaut, he also asked when he could expect to see humans land on Mars (answer: the 2030s). […]

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Lost in space: debris shield bag floats away from astronauts during ISS spacewalk

US astronauts were halfway through their mission to prepare a docking port for upcoming commercial space taxis when they lost a bag of equipment A 1.5m (5ft) debris shield being installed on the

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