13-Year-Old Feels Entitled And Makes Fun Of Poor Kids, Mom Makes Him Wear Goodwill For A Week

This decline in emotional intelligence leads to people finding it more difficult to relate to others and consider alternative perspectives on life, makes us less able to listen and truly understand the problems that need to be solved as a society, and even robs us of the self-awareness needed to understand our own emotional responses. […]

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Mom Throws Out Her Gay Son After He Comes Out, Grandpa Disowns Her With Powerful Letter

Even though it’s 2019 and the LBGTQ community are a fully visible and integrated part of many Western societies, there is, sadly, still plenty of irrational intolerance to overcome. And while we might think that things are getting better, they are actually getting worse. According to Accelerating Acceptance report, the number of Americans 18 to […]

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Parent Asks How To Punish Son Who Doesnt Want To Go To Church, Gets Hilarious Advice

Some people see their children as mere extensions of themselves, and are positively outraged when they discover that the little bastards have somehow developed – (shock!) – opinions and beliefs contrary to their own. Charles Hutchins This parent appears to fall into this bracket. Seemingly baffled that their dearest son doesn’t share their own enthusiasm […]

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Mom Who Lost Her Son To Suicide Befriends The Man Who Received His Heart

At the Fred Astaire Dance Studio Pewaukee in Wisconsin, two people are meeting on the dance floor who might have otherwise never known each other. But tragedy has a way of drawing people together, and through healing with the help of others, some of that pain can and does lessen with time. Janet Ramsey lost […]

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Young son watches as mother shot to death on Mother’s Day

(CNN)Police in Louisville, Kentucky, don’t have a motive or a suspect in the death of a 27-year-old woman who was shot and killed on Mothers Day as her 8-year-old son watched. Angelina Pressley and her family were returning from a party when neighbors heard shots. Residents rushed to help, but Pressley died at the scene.

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