Tobacco companies tighten hold on Washington under Trump

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Top White House figures including the vice-president and health secretary have deep ties to an industry whose donations began pouring in on day one Tobacco companies have moved swiftly to strengthen their grip on Washington politics, ramping up lobbying efforts and securing significant regulatory wins in the first six months of the Trump era. series […]


Threats, bullying, lawsuits: tobacco industry’s dirty war for the African market

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Revealed: In pursuit of growth in Africa, British American Tobacco and others use intimidatory tactics to attempt to suppress health warnings and regulation British American Tobacco (BAT) and other multinational tobacco firms have threatened governments in at least eight countries in Africa demanding they axe or dilute the kind of protections that have saved millions […]


Dutch bank bans loans to tobacco industry on health grounds

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Decision by ABN Amro, which has six millions customers worldwide, is the first by a major bank in The Netherlands The Netherlands third-largest bank ABN Amro said Wednesday that it is ratcheting up its battle against smoking and will no longer extend credit to clients in the tobacco industry. The Amsterdam-based banks decision came as […]


Billionaires dream of immortality. The rest of us worry about healthcare | Jill Abramson

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Trumps attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare leaves Baby Boomers approaching retirement with nervous jitters Last week, as the Senate was still trying to deny health care to 22 million fellow Americans, a friend asked me whether I would choose to live forever if I could. We were discussing Silicon Valley billionaires and their investments […]


What if women ruled the world?

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An end to abuse, a law against mansplaining, and reparations for two millennia of injustice as a new sci-fi art show imagines a female-led future, we ask comedians, writers, politicians and CEOs for their vision Somethings not working at the moment Marina Abramovi, artist If women ruled the world, they would stop being fragile, they […]