The great American fallout: how small towns came to resent cities

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Its no secret Donald Trump benefited from rural voters. But Democrat or Republican, they usually tell Katherine Cramer who has spent a decade visiting residents of small-town Wisconsin the same thing: its the cities that get all the breaks, and then have the gall to look down on them, too Joes voice takes on a […]


Homeless, assaulted, broke: drivers left behind as Uber promises change at the top

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Uber has vowed a shakeup of its scandal-prone executive culture. But its drivers, often left destitute by car rentals and low pay, who are being shortchanged It was billed as one of the most important company-wide meetings in the history of Los Angeles. The 28-year-old rolled up his sleeping bag, put it in the trunk […]


‘They’re just trying to live’: Denver clears homeless camp despite controversy

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The city cleared a large encampment amid freezing weather, just months after a viral video of police confiscating blankets from the homeless sparked an outcry A large homeless encampment was cleared in Denver today amid temperatures of -5C(23F), risking further controversy over the citys approach to homeless people struggling with winter weather. As in other […]


Ken Loach: If youre not angry, what kind of person are you?

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Hes been a thorn in the establishments side since Cathy Come Home and Kes. At 80, hes made his angriest film yet I, Daniel Blake, Paul Laverty met while doing their research: the young lad with nothing in his fridge who hadnt eaten properly for three days; the woman ashamed of attending food banks; the […]