Crude, racist textbooks have no place in todays education system | David Lammy

Dont teach children that Caribbean fathers are largely absent, teach them about slavery and exploitation, says Labour MP David Lammy I remember sitting in geography in my Peterborough classroom in the 1980s, cringing and feeling embarrassed whenever we were shown images of Africans in mud huts, or another depiction of what might have been referred […]

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100 best nonfiction books: No 79 The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano by Olaudah Equiano (1789)

The most famous slave memoir of the 18th century is a powerful and terrifying read and established Equiano as a founding figure in black literary tradition Black literature begins with the slave memoirs of the 18th century. Equianos Interesting Narrative is the most famous of these, especially once it was taken up by supporters of […]

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‘Human life is more expendable’: why slavery has never made more money

New research shows modern slavery is more lucrative than it has ever has been, with sex traffickers reaping the greatest rewards Slave traders today make a return on their investment 25-30 times higher than their 18th- and 19th-century counterparts. Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at Harvard Business School, has calculated that the average profit […]

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Why Kara Walker’s incendiary slavery art is as relevant as ever

The artists bold new work, as seen in an exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Art, has taken on a terrifying new prescience in the Trump era A certain set of expectations attend any exhibition of the work of Kara Walker, the 47-year old African American artist whose tough-minded, incendiary work on the gulf between […]

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Old American Quilts Held A Secret Code That Led Thousands To Freedom

America’s history is fascinating, but it also has some deeply painful parts. One of the worst is the period of American slavery, when millions of African-Americans were enslaved and forced to live and work under brutal, dehumanizing conditions. The institutionstarted before the American Revolution, and wasn’t abolished until 1863. During this time, men, women, and […]

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Human trafficking survivor who smashed triathlon world record

(CNN)What does it sound like inside Norma Bastidas’ head? The 49-year-old mother-of-two is a celebrated ultra-marathoner, known to have trekked 150 miles across the scorched deserts of Namibia or run double-marathons over an icy tundra in Antarctica. ‘Game-changing’ technology identifies child abusers “Feeling everything is a curse, but so is numbness.” The greatest moment came […]

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