Man Creates Adorable Gummy Versions Of Classic Rubber Duckies

I used to be such a picky eater as a child. I wouldn’t even eat strawberry ice cream because its pink hue made it seem too strange! Obviously, I’ve found the error of my ways since and regularly enjoy all the colors of the rainbow in my diet. That’s especially true when we’re talking about […]

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Adorable Baby Gets Photobombed By His Future Self In Hilarious Photo

A dad was walking up and down the huge aisles of his local Costco when he noticed something rather strange in the distance. When he finally realized what he was looking at, it must have been quite the shock, but this man knew what to do in order to prove what he was saying was […]

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Hilarious Rescue Dog Drags Her Human Into The River

Dogs are well known for their silly attitudes and rambunctious natures, but the rescue puppy inthislittle video just might be the most excitable dog we’ve ever seen! Misty is a beautiful rescue dog who has finally found humans who love and respect her. Well, maybe her human isn’t loving her very much right now, because […]

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Futuristic 1960s House Looked Just Like A UFO

You can spot that spacey, curvy, 1960s style just about anywhere. ThinkThe Jetsons, but in real life, with lots of UFO-shaped furniture, sea-creature-like lamps, and plenty of shag carpeting. Of course, most people opted for a milder look in their homes so they could stay on-trend without going overboard, and making sure that their houses […]

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Creative Baker Turns Humble Bread Loaves Into Works Of Edible Art

Some people find their artistic outlet with brushes and paint. Others find it with needle and thread, clay, or through making music. And then, there’s a baker in Japan who goes under the name of Konel, who finds her artistic outlet in bread. And we don’t just mean in making regular bread, which is an […]

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