Two Dogs Refuse To Leave Each Others Side After Their Human Abandons Them

It’s both heartbreaking and angering to think that there are actually people out there in the world who would bring pain and suffering to something as beautiful as their pet dog. These animals are absolutely obsessed with their humans, so to take advantage of that purity and to do something as pointlessly cruel as abandoning […]

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Twin Brothers Save A Young Boys Life After Hes Buried Alive On The Beach

Any summer outing can seem harmless because everyone is happy to be together and out in the sun. But every season, warnings about potential dangers emerge, and families must be vigilant about how they travel and where to. There are many ways in which family vacations can be pointlessly ruined by an accident that could […]

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Couple Accidentally Appears In The Same Photo As Toddlers At Disney

There are very few things skeptics like me arewilling to chalk up to fate. Meeting the love of your life and future partner may be one, or the chance meetings that started the most important friendships in your life would be others. While there are some people who believe in fate and destiny, others believe […]

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Caring Couple Adopts Seven Kids In The Span Of Five Years

A couple’schoice to adopt a baby usually isn’t one made hastily. It takes a lot of careful thought, consideration, and preparation: Are these parents, who may or may not already have biological children, ready to bring these kids, often abused and neglected, into their home? Many couples hear the spiritual call to adopt, while others […]

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Heroic Homeless Man Saves Residents From An Apartment Fire

Whether it’s walking down the street, exiting your favorite coffee shop, or going for a stroll through the park, it’s easy to spotthe large number of homeless people we see on a daily basis, especially when livingin a city or a large town. But while they often fade into the background of our daily lives, […]

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Elderly Woman Shatters Expectations When She Dances The Tango In A Public Square

The older we get, the more we assume that we won’t be able to be as active as we once were. When some parts of our bodies hurt, it’s easy to resign and not try to overcome this obstacle. In elderly age, we grow frail and weak, but it’s a little known fact that we […]

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Young Boy Saves A Girl From Drowning By Using A Pool Skimmer

Summer is the season made for lounging by the pool and jumping into the water to cool off. There’s nothing more relaxing and refreshing than enjoying the dogdays of summer this way. But as the weather gets warmer, it’s important to warn parents that they should never leave their children unattended, or accidents can happen. […]

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Mom Defends Her Sons Princess Dress After A Strangers Disapproval

Mom Haylee Bazen knows that her 3-year-old son, Zackary, has quite the personality. But the young mom doesn’t dare dampen his spirits, and lets it shine through! At such a young age, the little one is interested in many things, but, like any child, he loves his toys and costumes. Bazen lets him wear what […]

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People Form A Human Chain To Save A Dog From Drowning

Sometimes our pets find themselves in situations they can’t escape, and need our help. Homeless pets are especially vulnerable to accidents when there is no one to care for them, but it doesn’t mean that ourfearlessdogs and cats at home don’t experience their fair share of misadventures. One pup somehow made it down a slippery […]

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