This Interstellar Themed Restaurant Is Every Geeks Dream Come True

There are some people who tend to watch a film over and over, and over again if they really liked it. Sure, not all of them choose to make the commitment to visit a movie theatre every time they want to see their favorites again, we’re glad to say we live in perfect times for […]

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Person Gets Terminated While On Medical Leave, Takes Pics Of Violations In Restaurant And Shuts It Down

Another day, another employee horror story coming out of the U.S. After yesterday’s pooping meme saga, in which a man got fired for sharing a joke on his Facebook wall, now we have an employee getting terminated for 2 weeks in hospital with a serious illness. It makes you wonder why Americans aren’t more active […]

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Couple Dealing With Natural Disaster Gets Sweet Boost From Waitress

In June of 2016, a couple ate in a restaurant in Rocky Mount, VA. The pair were on their phones for the entire meal. At first glance, this might seem like a typical quandary of life in 2016. People are on their phones all the time, little kids dont know what its like to live […]

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N. Korean families plead for return of restaurant workers who defected

Pyongyang, North Korea (CNN)In April, news of a spectacular defection rippled through the media. Most of the serving staff of a North Korean restaurant in Ningbo, China, had defected en masse. Twelve young North Korean women who worked at the restaurant and a male restaurant manager arrived in the South Korean capital. JUST WATCHED Replay […]

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