The Monlam great prayer festival in Tibet a photo essay

Monlam, or the great prayer festival, is the most important prayer event for many Tibetans. It was banned during the Cultural Revolution in China but is now celebrated in many areas. Considered the most important event for Tibetan Buddhists, the Monlam great prayer festival starts three days after the lunar new year in western Chinas […]

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Iranian activist jailed over hijab protests goes on hunger strike

Farhad Meysami accused of having badges saying he was against the compulsory hijab Human rights activists in Iran have said they are worried about a man on hunger strike who was reportedly jailed for protesting against rules requiring women to wear a hijab. Farhad Meysami, 48, a doctor and publisher before becoming a civil activist, […]

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Pope accepts McCarrick resignation as cardinal amid sexual abuse allegations

Former archbishop of Washington DC stands down amid allegations of sex abuse with minors and young men Pope Francis on Saturday accepted the resignation as a cardinal of Theodore McCarrick, a former archbishop of Washington DC and one of the most prominent figures in the US Catholic church, following allegations of sexual abuse, including one […]

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‘Jesus never charged a leper a co-pay’: the rise of the religious left

From healthcare to tax and immigration, Rev William Barber and the Poor Peoples Campaign are driven by faith to focus on the disadvantaged In his prayer at the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem last week, a prayer delivered against a backdrop of violence in Gaza, the evangelical pastor Robert Jeffress said Donald Trump […]

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Who is Michael Curry? The minister who told royal wedding ‘love is the way’

Michael Curry who gave sermon at the wedding is first African-American to head US Episcopal church The US minister chosen by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle who told royals and celebrities that love is the way at their wedding on Saturday has previously spoken out on racial justice, LGBT equality and sexual harassment and exploitation. […]

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4 Ways Hephaestus Needs To Step It Up Before Ill Even Think About Worshipping Him

The Greek god of metalworking has been trying to get me to pray to him for some time now, and honestly, it’s getting a little old. I’m all about being open to new religious icons, but before I pledge my spiritual allegiance to a greater power, I need to know that my needs are being […]

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Billy Graham, famed Christian evangelist, dies aged 99

Graham, the father of showman evangelicalism who preached to more than 200m people in 185 countries, had the ear of 12 presidents Billy Graham, the 20th-century Christian crusader and father of showman evangelicalism who had the ear of 12 US presidents, has died at the age of 99. Among the first to pay tribute were […]

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The Michigan town where only Christians are allowed to buy houses

Bay View is for many an idyllic community but a lawsuit will test its rule that only practicing Christians can own property Michigan Fri 9 Feb 2018 05.00EST Share on Twitter View more sharing options Share on Pinterest Share on Google+ Share on Messenger Close bay view McGee takes me on a tour of Bay […]

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Muslim foster parents: We’d never had a Christmas tree – it made them so happy

News that a Christian child was forced into Muslim foster care caused a furore earlier this year. But, despite the challenges, these families play a vital role in bringing up vulnerable children, says Sarfraz Manzoor About 100,000 young people go through the fostering system every year. In recent years an increasing number of these have […]

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Australia says yes to same-sex marriage in historic postal survey

Marriage equality could be legal by Christmas after 61.6% of participants in the voluntary survey approve a change to the law Australia has taken a decisive step towards legislating marriage equality by Christmas after 61.6% of voters in an unprecedented national postal survey approved a change to the law to allow couples of the same […]

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