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People have already raised $200,000 for the Fyre Festival caterer who paid workers from her own life savings.

Thanks to two Fyre Festival documentaries, a woman who was defrauded by the festival organizers is getting her due—plus a whole lot more. Even if you didn’t hear about the Fyre Festival debacle when it happened in the spring of 2017, you’ve probably heard about the popular Netflix and Hulu documentaries on the Fabulous-Festival-That-Wasn’t. Fyre […]

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Patton Oswalt and his fans just transformed a Twitter troll’s life with a simple but powerful act of kindness.

Social media spats usually end in ugly words or blocking people—unless you’re Patton Oswalt. Actor and comedian Patton Oswalt has made a name for himself off screen as a blunt yet caring, compassionate human. His raw openness after his wife’s unexpected passing and his willingness to engage in conversations about depression and dadhood after her […]

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This mother’s description of her tween son’s brain is a must-read for all parents.

It started with a simple, sincere question from a mother of an 11-year-old boy. An anonymous mother posted a question to Quora, a website where people can ask questions and other people can answer them. This mother wrote: How do I tell my wonderful 11 year old son, (in a way that won’t tear him […]

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‘Buddy the Elf’ is challenging Bostonians to street pillow fights, and it’s sheer delight.

Pillow fights on the streets of America? It’s 2018, so why not. Imagine walking down the street and having a man dressed as an elf toss you a pillow, while holding his own pillow in a fighting stance. What do you do? You pillow fight, of course! Thanks to fun-loving firefighter Brendan Edwards, the people […]

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Given 4 months to live, he cleaned up a creekthen spent 27 years being an eco-hero.

What would you do if you only had a few months to live? John Beal faced this daunting question we’ve all asked ourselves after suffering several heart attacks at age 29, and being told by his doctors that he had just four months to live. An incredible new story from KUOW’s RadioActive Youth Media program […]

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This organization is helping women take charge of their careers and their finances.

As a young woman, Brandi Tillman never thought of herself as a financial role model. Growing up in Chicago, she was raised to believe that navigating the financial world was a task that was best left to men. “I know firsthand, boys in my family are taught to save money,” says Tillman. “Work a job, […]

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These young men are being hailed as heroes for saving six lives in an apartment fire.

After the baby was safely rescued, the good Samaritans helped five more residents on the third floor jump to safety with the aid of Worthy’s mattress. “Everybody held the mattresses on both sides and we told everybody just aim for the mattresses,” Darren Hicks, a man visiting friends who helped with the rescue, said. View […]

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Aaron Rodgers and State Farm partner to donate $2 Million to Camp wildfire victims.

Aaron Rodgers and State Farm are tackling the needs of families and communities in the aftermath of California’s deadliest wildfire on record. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers was born and raised in northern California’s Butte County, where the recent Camp Fire devastated thousands. To date, that wildfire — the deadliest and most destructive in California history — […]

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She grew up appreciating her diverse heritage. Now she encourages others to do the same.

Maha AJ grew up proud of her Sudanese-Iraqi heritage. Her parents made sure of it. From the time she was little, Maha Jaafar’s (or Maha AJ as she’s known to her fans) family constantly wove her mixed cultural identity into her life. Her dad would show her maps of Sudan and teach her about her […]

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Talking about politics with your family during Thanksgiving doesn’t have to turn into a fight.

“A Thanksgiving Truce”/ J.S. Pughe The holidays are supposed to be a time for families to come together, yet it seems harder and harder in these divisive times. We once lived in a world where the most dreaded thing about the holidays was fielding Great Aunt Karen’s questions asking why you’re not married. Former chief […]

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