Hugo Chvez statue torn down as death toll rises in Venezuela protests

Young protester shot in the head amid continuation of demonstrations that brand President Nicols Maduro a dictator and demand elections A 20-year-old Venezuelan protester has died after being shot in the head, authorities said, taking fatalities from a month of anti-government unrest to at least 37, as the opposition geared up for more demonstrations. Hecder


Arrests at violent Berkeley Trump protests while tax marches stay calm

On day of protest, police make 13 arrests as pro-Trump crowd clashes with anti-fascists in California and thousands call for financial disclosure elsewhere Hundreds of self-described anti-fascist protesters and supporters of Donald Trump clashed in Berkeley, California, in sporadic brawls on Saturday. Protests in cities around the rest of the country, including a number of


Brazil police use pepper spray at austerity protest outside Rio parliament

Demonstrators broke barriers outside meeting where legislators proposed ways to cope with post-Olympics fiscal crisis that delayed payment to state workers Military police have shot pepper spray at demonstrators who broke down barrier fences outside a meeting in Rio de Janeiro where legislators were considering austerity measures to cope with a deepening financial crisis that