Anti-Trump bros Ed and Brian Krassenstein get kicked off Twitter

Ed and Brian Krassenstein, the twin brothers who have led the anti-Trump online #Resistance with a children’s bookand a penchant for responding to almost every single Trump tweet within a matter of seconds,have been permanently suspended from Twitter. The social media platform says the Krassensteins violated Twitter’s rules regarding fake accounts and buying interactions. “The […]

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Cuba Fast Facts

(CNN)Here’s some background information about Cuba, a communist country located in the Caribbean Sea, approximately 90 miles south of Florida. Median age: 41.8 years Capital: Havana Ethnic Groups: white 64.1%, mixed 26.6%, black 9.3% (2012 est.) GDP (purchasing power parity): $137 billion (2017 est.) GDP per capita: $12,300 (2016 est.) Unemployment: 2.6% (2017 est., according […]

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Fact-checking Trump’s flurry of falsehoods and lies after Mueller declined to exonerate him

Washington (CNN)One day after special counsel Robert Mueller publicly refused to exonerate President Donald Trump and hinted at potential impeachment, the President responded Thursday with an avalanche of widely debunked lies about the investigation and its findings. Cost of the investigation In a tweet, Trump said the Mueller probe cost “$40,000,000 over two dark years.” […]

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2020 is team oil vs. team climate change. There’s no middle.

(CNN)As Americans gas up for the start of the summer driving season, they’ll pay the highest Memorial Day prices at the pump since 2014. And they’ll have trouble finding any sort of middle lane in the oil wars of American politics. Nearly every Democrat or Democratic-leaning voter — 96% in a CNN poll in April— […]

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New Trump immigration plan designed to sway Republicans, doesn’t address DACA

Washington (CNN)The White House is preparing to release a broad outline of proposed immigration reforms aimed at unifying congressional Republicans on the issue, following months of discussions between senior adviser Jared Kushner and dozens of conservative groups, senior administration officials tell CNN. From the get-go, its future on Capitol Hill is fraught, as lawmakers fine-tune […]

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Democrats say some GOP members ‘twist’ Iran intel

Washington (CNN)As the Trump administration prepares to brief lawmakers Tuesday on the threat posed by Iran, Democrats are charging that Republicans are misrepresenting intelligence to make the danger from Tehran seem more dire than it actually is. Senate and House lawmakers have called on the administration to brief them on the extent of the threat […]

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Donald Trump falls for Nancy Pelosi’s trap

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump keeps taking Nancy Pelosi’s bait. But Pelosi is turning Trump’s own arsenal against him, using the politics of mockery and provocation to leave him for once, off balance and forced to respond to a more nimble rival. And Trump’s increasingly livid reactions are helping Pelosi out of a delicate political spot. […]

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Labour hints at backing Brexit deal without promise of referendum

Shadow minister says if partys demands are met she would not expect a second public vote Labour is prepared to sign up to a Brexit deal with the government without the promise of a referendum attached if cross-party talks make significant progress in the coming days, one of the partys negotiators has said. With talks […]

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David Bossie’s long and wild ride through Republican politics

Washington (CNN)The blistering rebuke this week from President Donald Trump’s campaign marks the latest twist in the career and life of David Bossie, a conservative strategist who operated largely outside the Republican Party’s establishment in recent years until Trump’s rise brought him and his tactics into the GOP’s inner fold. “There is no excuse for […]

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Fact checking Trump’s claims that Mueller did not interview people ‘closest’ to him and his campaign

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump claimed special counsel Robert Mueller did not interview the people closest to him and his 2016 presidential campaign in another of his ongoing attacks against the former FBI director’s report. The report did not establish “collusion” between Trump’s associates or campaign and Russia to interfere in the 2016 election. Mueller wrote […]

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