The ‘lonely’ President: How Trump spent his Christmas vacation

(CNN)In the 11 days since lawmakers have failed to reach a solution to re-open the government due to ongoing disputes over border security and wall funding, President Donald Trump was behind closed doors for the past six. The President spent the long hours watching television, phoning advisers and tapping out furious tweets castigating Democrats for […]

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Mueller believes Manafort fed information to Russian with intel ties

Washington (CNN)Special counsel Robert Mueller believes that Paul Manafort was sharing polling data and discussing Russian-Ukrainian policy with his close Russian-intelligence-linked associate, Konstantin Kilimnik, while he led the Trump presidential campaign, according to parts of a court filing that were meant to be redacted by Manafort’s legal team Tuesday but were released publicly. Kilimnik has […]

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The political trends that will define 2019

(CNN)The New Year is only a few hours old, but the political forces that are likely to shape a turbulent 2019 are already in play. But the President doesn’t just have to worry about Mueller. Democrats are days away from taking control of the House of Representatives and inaugurating a novel challenge for Trump’s presidency […]

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Do YOU want to be Donald Trump’s chief of staff?

(CNN)On Wednesday, when asked about his search for a chief of staff to replace John Kelly, President Donald Trump said this:”I have at least 10, 12 — 12 people that want it badly. I’m making a decision. Great people,” he said. “I could do it immediately. I’m in no rush. A lot of people want […]

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Orrin Hatch’s embarrassingly bad defense of Donald Trump

(CNN)Orrin Hatch has spent a lot of his Senate career on the Judiciary Committee. Which focuses on, you know, justice and the like. First of all, the allegations that Trump directed and coordinated two hush money payments during the 2016 election to women alleging affairs with him don’t come from Democrats. They come from federal […]

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UK assesses Putin approved Skripal attack that endangered thousands – intel officials

(CNN)The UK has assessed that the brazenness of the attacks that killed one Briton and sickened a former Russian spy and his daughter including the amount of nerve agent used point to approval by Russian President Vladimir Putin himself, two officials familiar with the matter told CNN. “It could have been carried in by the […]

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Mom running for office wanted to use campaign funds to pay for child care. An official told her that’s a ‘misplaced priority’

(CNN)A Louisiana mom, running for office for the first time, thought about taking her kindergartner and her 1-year-old along with her on the campaign trail. But she realized that probably wouldn’t work. “Child care … should come before public office or anything else,” Lamandre was told by 76-year-old board member Charles Emile “Peppi” Bruneau Jr., […]

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Democrats seek to turn Hyde-Smith’s comments into a surge in black turnout in Mississippi Senate runoff

Jackson, Mississippi (CNN)To have a shot at another stunner in a Senate race in the Deep South, Democrats knew their candidate, Mike Espy, needed something dramatic to shift the landscape. Last year, in another runoff special Senate election in Alabama, a surge of African-American turnout led to a stunning victory for Democrat Doug Jones over […]

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Paul Manafort could face more charges, special counsel says

Washington (CNN)Special counsel Robert Mueller’s office is considering bringing more criminal charges against Paul Manafort, after it accused the former Trump campaign chairman of violating his plea deal to cooperate with prosecutors. The hearing came just days after special counsel prosecutors said they believe Manafort lied during his interviews with investigators following his guilty plea […]

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Michael Avenatti arrested on suspicion of domestic violence

(CNN)Attorney Michael Avenatti has been placed under arrest on suspicion of felony domestic violence and was booked early Wednesday evening. “I wish to thank the hard working men and woman of the LAPD for their professionalism they were only doing their jobs in light of the completely bogus allegations against me,” he said. “I have […]

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