Pokémon Go


Pokmon Go boosts exercise levels but only for a short period, says study

Researchers say the positive effects of the augmented reality game on physical activity are short-lived Those searching for a fun way to boost their exercise levels might need to look further than the next PokStop. While Pokmon Go initially British Medical Journal, Howe and colleagues from the US and Sweden describe how they sought to […]

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Pokmon Go maker taken to court over players on beaches

Case will be heard in the Hague court after mobile-game developer failed to respond to requests to remove Pokmon from protected areas in Kijkduin Authorities in the Netherlands are taking Niantic Labs, developers of the smash hit mobile game Pokmon Go, to court after it failed to stop hordes of players flocking to protected beaches. […]

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Pokmon Go creators hope to launch game in Brazil ahead of Rio Olympics

No official release date for popular augmented reality game was given amid concerns over safety for players and athletes disappointment at unavailability The creators of Pokmon Go are doing everything possible to release the blockbuster mobile game in Brazil in time for the opening of the Rio Olympics on Friday. The official Twitter account for […]

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Athletes disappointed to find Pokmon Go inaccessible at Rio Olympics

Some rumors indicate hit mobile game could be released in Brazil in time for the Games So the plumbing and electricity in the athletes village took several days to fix. Who cares? But no Pokmon Go? Thats an outrage! If there were ever a more first world problem for the Zika-plagued, water-polluted Rio Olympics, its […]

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