Heres How I Imagine Animals Behave When You Arent Looking (25 New Pics)

I love relooking animals, mixing poetry and fantasy. I question the laws of nature and physics every day, to leave my imagination free to create a world different from the one we know. What I like about them are their innocence and anonymity. I want to believe that some of them can really behave as […]

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30 Photos That Look Ordinary Until You Know The Backstory

Photography is a form of art that can freeze the emotions of the moment in time. The development of the art has influenced the world in remarkable ways and it provided people with power to define the eras they live in. protesting burning monk, or a distressing shot of a reply View More Replies… #2 […]

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19 Reasons Why Cows Are Basically Just Really Big Dogs

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Photographer Gives Free Sessions To Kids With Special Needs

The woman you’re about to meet is definitely one of a kind, and as for her sister? That’s the reason she decided to do what she does now. Smith’s sister is disabled, paralyzed, and in a wheel chair. So, naturally, Smith knows about the things that disabled people sometimes have to deal with when they’re […]

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The Strange Historical Reasons We Take Trips To The Beach

To me, nothing is more amazingthan a day at the beach, and I bet there are a lot of people out there who agree. The summertime is synonymous with heading to the shore, sunbathing, splashing around in the waves, and building sandcastles as long as they are built safely! But were our ancestors as excited […]

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Woman Finds Freedom By Capturing The Beauty And Magic Of Horses

Horses are some of the most interesting and beautiful creatures on Earth. Their breathtaking bodies, coats, and manes are dazzlingall on their own. But there is something else about them that transcends their outward appearance, andmakes them particularly personable, captivating, and sometimes, a little bit silly. PhotographerCarina Maiwald came to realize this mysterious majesty that […]

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Ornery Rattlesnake Interrupts Couples Romantic Wedding Day Photo Shoot

Couples generally try to prepare formany different disasters that can occur on their wedding day. Normally, these include catering snafus, wardrobe malfunctions, and maybe a rogue bridesmaid here and there. But rarely do couples anticipateanythingregarding injuries from wild animals especially snake bites. Unfortunately, this is the exact disaster than befell Laura LoretzandJohnny Benson in between […]

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What it was like working with Prince

(CNN)Karl Fowler and Zenon Texeira can clearly remember an evening years ago when they were dining with superstar Prince and one of his assistants in Los Angeles. It was the middle of the night, and after dessert the singer asked if they would indulge him a bit. Fowler is chief executive of the publishing company […]

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