Heres How I Imagine Animals Behave When You Arent Looking (25 New Pics)

I love relooking animals, mixing poetry and fantasy. I question the laws of nature and physics every day, to leave my imagination free to create a world different from the one we know. What I like about them are their innocence and anonymity. I want to believe that some of them can really behave as […]

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I Spent 3 Weeks In Japan This Winter, Here Are My Best Cyberpunk And Noir Film Inspired Photographs (34 Pics)

My name is Teemu, I’m an urban street photographer based in Asia. I love to take photos especially at night, and I’ve been inspired by cyberpunk and noir films. My favorites include Blade Runner 2049 and Road to Perdition. I hope you like the shots! This post may include affiliate links. #1 10 reply #3 […]

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People Are Posting Their Decade Transformations And Here Are 30 Of The Best Ones

The Here are some posts we liked—scroll down and have a look. Then share your thoughts, what you think of this trend, and how things have changed for you this decade in the comments below! #2 #3 But there’s no need to roast your former self, especially if you were a literal child in 2009. […]

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Rihanna mobbed in Paris: Dennis Leupold’s best photograph

A huge crowd surrounded the car. It was quite eerie, almost scary. Even for her that moment was crazy Rihannas French fans are wild. They love her so much and they run for several blocks behind her car when shes travelling through the city. This shot was taken at Diamonds world tour in 2013 she […]

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The 35 Best Wildlife Photos Of 2019

Every year, we eagerly wait to see the fantastic photos that battle it out for fame, glory, and the chance to win their artists the honor of being called the Wildlife Photographer of the Year. This year’s winner is none other than Yongqing Bao, who won the award with his stunning photo called ‘The Moment,’ […]

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Lion Lets Out A Huge Roar Giving This Photographer A Shock Of His Life, Then Winks And Smiles At Him

Working as a wildlife photographer seems like the perfect job. You’re always on an adventure, one with nature, tracking and capturing beautiful photographs of majestic creatures.  Well, 69-year-old wildlife photographer Gren Sowerby from Whitley Bay in Northumberland is living the dream, taking pictures of animals, landscapes, and people in Kenya, Tanzania, Crete, and the United […]

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What The Inventories Of Various Emergency Services Look Like Over The World (30 Pics)

So knolling is a type of flat-lay photography, where different objects are arranged at 90-degree angles from each other, then photographed from above. The look is symmetrical and pleasing to the eye and allows people to see a variety of objects in a single picture; perfect for demonstrating equipment or an inventory, for example. The […]

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Photographer Uses Creative Tricks To Take Amazing Pictures (12 Pics)

Photography is all about perspective – the person behind the camera can use their imagination to tell different stories about a subject from a variety of angles. Perspective gives depth to an image and can make a two-dimensional photograph feel like a three-dimensional scene. Image credits: Image credits: Instagram account. Jordi Puig Jordi Puig Using […]

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Alec Soth, a photographer reborn: ‘I realised everything is connected’

The celebrated chronicler of contemporary American life on the epiphany that made him adopt a more intimate focus In 2016, while on a working trip to Helsinki, the American photographer books and on Instagram knows, Soth is big on poetry, seeing it as akin to photography in its attempts to evoke the ineffable. Towards the […]

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Im Documenting Myself Slowly Dying From A Rare Disease To Show Why Euthanasia Should Be Legalized

My partner and I have been documenting daily life with a disability through Instagram without the filters and mushy inspo-porn. I’m brutally honest and open with my photos, revealing aspects of disabled life that you don’t often hear about. I’m Holly Warland, a 27-year-old woman from Australia and I have a rare condition called Limb […]

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