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Tristan Thompson Shares Family Portrait With Both Of His Children!

True Thompson spends time with her brother! On Friday, Tristan Thompson shared his first family portrait with him and his two children — True (whose momma is Khloé Kardashian) and his 18-month-old son Prince (whom he shares with his ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig).

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Motherfucker! Trump Administration Just Filed Motion To Keep Children Detained LONGER!

After nearly universal outrage over Not only does the administration appear to have NO PLAN WHATSOEVER to reunite families with the more than 2,300 children already taken, the new plan that still involves detaining kids — just with their parents — is now looking worse. The Department of Justice just filed an emergency motion in […]

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Cardi B Tells Her Haters To ‘Send Me Some Pampers And Baby Formula’ After Video Surfaces Of Her Partying In Smoke-Filled Club

This is less than ideal… Here’s the video in question (below), which has thousands of fans up in arms because of the presence of so much smoke around Cardi B during her pregnancy: @iamcardib and @offsetyrn celebrating @qcmceo_p birthday! 📹: #estwstphotosA post shared by Tor ( on Jun 7, 2018 at 12:02am PDT Whoa!! Instagram […]

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You May Now Officially Compare Trump To Hitler And Plenty On Twitter Are Doing So!

Godwin’s Law is an Internet rule that says every argument online eventually escalates to someone being compared to Hitler. Over the years, all that hyperbolic Hitler talk has severely lessened the impact of such a comparison. Of course all that was in a time when no one had any legitimate fear his kind of racist […]

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Anthony Bourdain’s Final Days Become More Clear Photos Surface Of Final Tandem Bike Ride TV Segment Filmed In France For Parts Unknown

We’re starting to learn more about The show’s crew can be seen in their own tandem bicycle alongside, filming as Eric (at the front of the bike) and Anthony (behind him) ride on along in the town of Colmar, in eastern France (below): Rolling like a kid in #alsace Having fun with the #osmo and […]

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Olivia Munn Pays Tribute To Anthony Bourdain, Opens Up About Her Own Battle With Depression & Suicidal Thoughts

This is extremely powerful… The actress took to But it’s the one that followed immediately after which is gaining the most attention — in this next post (below), Munn admitted to her own struggles with depression and really opened up in an unexpected way: I have lived with anxiety and sporadic bouts of depression for […]

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Khlo Kardashian Snapchats Taylor Swift’s Delicate After Kanye West References Tristan Thompson’s Cheating Scandal In New Song!

Is Khloé Kardashian a Swiftie?? On Friday, the KUWTK star posted a video on Snapchat where she tells her followers about her lack of motivation to work out. However, in the clip, KoKo listens to a very interesting song…

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Teresa Giudice Scores Third Place In New Jersey Bodybuilding Competition Look At Her Incredible Physical Transformation!

This is incredible!!! Teresa Giudice has apparently spent MONTHS completely transforming her body, and now she not only looks completely different, but she’s winning bodybuilding competitions in south Jersey!! Related: Teresa Giudice Reveals Joe Has Lost 60 LBS In Prison! The Real Housewives of New Jersey star finished third place in the 40-plus bikini division […]

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Azealia Banks Slams Cardi B For Acting Like A ‘Caricature Of A Black Woman’ & Cardi Is NOT Here For It!

Azealia Banks thinks Cardi B is taking black women at least two years back! The controversial rapper took aim at the breakout star in a new interview on The Breakfast Club, voicing her concern that Cardi’s persona was harming the culture.

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Fans Question Johnny Depp’s Health After Unsettling Photos Surface On Social Media

Is Depp has been in the headlines plenty over the last year for several high-profile incidents of bad behavior and other legal and social disputes, but this is really the first anybody’s hearing of any potential health or well-being issue like this — and Depp looks really frail in the photos. Here are the photos […]

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