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Why parents in a school district near the CIA are forcing tech companies to erase kids data

As families worry for their childrens futures, a district has instituted a yearly data purge Parents at a public school district in Maryland have won a major victory for student privacy: tech companies that work with the school district now have to purge the data they have collected on students once a year. Experts say […]

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Growing up fast: why parenting in your 20s is the new punk

With the average age of first-time parents over 30 and rising, having kids in your 20s is increasingly unusual. So what is it like swapping nights out with friends, for endless night feeds? When she was a teenager, Maya Dupre wanted more than anything to be an actor, like her idol, Emma Watson. By the […]

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Crude, racist textbooks have no place in todays education system | David Lammy

Dont teach children that Caribbean fathers are largely absent, teach them about slavery and exploitation, says Labour MP David Lammy I remember sitting in geography in my Peterborough classroom in the 1980s, cringing and feeling embarrassed whenever we were shown images of Africans in mud huts, or another depiction of what might have been referred […]

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Aisling Bea: My fathers death has given me a love of men, of their vulnerability and tenderness

The comedians father killed himself when she was three. She was plagued by the fact he made no mention of her or her sister in the letter he left. Then, 30 years after his death, a box arrived My father died when I was three years old and my sister was three months. For years, […]

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A letter to My brother, who was dead for 13years without me realising

The letter you always wanted to write You are my only sibling. I know I didnt always fully understand you, but I always looked up to you and I thought you were clever and amazing. Well, at least I did up until that time you refused to come and see our very elderly dad when […]

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Kasey Edwards: I love being married, but am I the exception?

The author asks happy couples the secret of their success and is shocked by what she finds out I was never going to get married. After bearing witness to my parents three decades of misery, I was not stupid enough to do it myself. When my father left my mother for a younger woman, I […]

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I dont like doing this, my father frowned, fixing my hair. But he did it anyway

Growing up in a white family, Georgina Lawton faced a long and sometimes arduous journey of discovery about her racial identity. Here, she reveals how she learned to stop fighting her curly hair My skin is too dark to show a blush, but I came pretty close a few years ago when, as a University of Warwick undergraduate, […]

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Mohamed El Bachiri: Terrorists killed my wife: this is my jihad for love

Mohamed El Bachiris wife, Loubna, died in a suicide attack in Brussels last year. He talks to Emma Beddington about his manifesto for peace and bringing up three sons on his own On 22 March 2016, Loubna Lafquiri left her home in Khalid El Bakraoui detonated an explosive device as the train they were travelling on […]

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The real reason women freeze their eggs | Eva Wiseman

Its often assumed women freeze their eggs to stop the ticking of their fertility clocks so they can crack on with their careers. The truth is rather different, says Eva Wiseman Theres a story that weve been told about why women freeze their eggs, which begins with ambition for a career and ends with them […]

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Want to fight climate change? Have fewer children

Next best actions are selling your car, avoiding flights and going vegetarian, according to study into true impacts of different green lifestyle choices The greatest impact individuals can have in fighting climate change is to have one fewer child, according to a new study that identifies the most effective ways people can cut their carbon […]

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