9-Year-Old Kid Who Kept Getting In Trouble For Doodling In Class Gets A Job Decorating A Restaurant With His Drawings

They sent Joe to an after-school art class and his artistic abilities were quickly noticed by those around him. In fact, Joe was invited to decorate the dining room of the ‘Number 4’ restaurant in Shrewsbury, England. Now, Joe is known as The Doodle Boy and has his own website, as well as social media […]

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This Mom’s Ridiculous NSFW Throw Pillows Are So Full of Colorful Cringe It’s Unreal

Apparently the OP’s mother bought these. The burning question I’ve got is…did she know, or was she awesomely, entirely unaware? 1 Via: Waffle_Twat Read more:

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Dad Gets Ruthless Revenge After Another Man Slaps His Daughter’s A** During a Softball Game

This guy is going down as the dad of the week after he utterly dismantled an embezzler after he wouldn’t leave his daughter alone in her softball league.  We’re not going to dox anyone, but there’s strong confirmation that this story is completely true.  Good game ‘Steve’. 1 Via: Scoot_Ya_Boot 3 Via: Scoot_Ya_Boot 5 Via:

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The Day I Decided My Daughter Will Not Choose Her Own Friends

We helicopter over our kids wardrobes, nutrition, sleep schedules, hygiene, science fair projects and then pride ourselves on how hands off we are on social issues. By Leslie Blanchard I will never forget the day my daughter told me that Bethany, a girl in her 4th grade class, was annoying her. What is she doing […]

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Remember This Book? The Author Just Confessed What Its Really About& Itll Rip Your Heart Out

“Love You Forever” has been a popular children’s book for 30 years…but it’s NOT about what you think. Robert Munsch’s Love You Foreverwas publishedonce upon a 1986, but its legacy lives on even today. As a kindergartner, I remember sitting cross-legged and staring doe-eyed at my teacher, Mrs. Duff, as she read that book to […]

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Quit Doing These 8 Things for Your Teen This Year if You Want to Raise an Adult

How do we raise competent adults if were always doing everything for our kids? By Amy Carney Dont judge me if you happen to see my kids eating packaged Ritz crackers for school lunch. Dont judge me if theyre on the sidelines of PE because they forgot their uniform. Dont judge meif they didntturn in […]

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Mother charged with injecting feces to son’s IV during cancer treatment

(CNN)An Indiana mother is accused of injecting fecal matter into her 15-year-old son’s IV bag while he was undergoing cancer treatments at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis. According to Marion Superior Court documents, Tiffany Alberts, 41, of Wolcott, Indiana, used a syringe to inject feces into her son’s IV on several occasions between November […]

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Couple Reveals The Genders Of Their Triplets With Colorful Layered Cake

I‘ve never understood how some new parents can wait until their little bundle of joy is born to know its gender. Aside from planning a name ahead of time, something that can take a lot of back and forth between the mom and dad’s ideas, I just couldn’t stand the mystery! That’s definitely amplified when […]

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5 Of My Sons Friends Who Are Not Leaving This Sleepover Without Saying Thank You

My son, Bryce, has been begging me to let him have a big sleepover party in the basement with all his friends, and I gave in. His friends are mostly good kids, but if these few leave without saying thank you to me, therell be hell to pay. Eric B. Every single time Eric B. […]

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Moms Healthy Food Creations Are Amazingly Realistic

This awesome story comes to us from our friends at This Melbourne mom is giving a new definition to playing with food. In an effort to get her 3 year old to eat smart, Laleh Mohmedi took to her own imagination. Her incredible plates feature all types of images, from Uncle Sam, to Michael […]

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