North Dakota


Standing Rock protest: North Dakota governor orders immediate evacuation

Governor orders thousands of activists to leave the encampment, citing harsh winter conditions, but does not authorize police to carry out evacuation North Dakota governor Jack Dalrymple ordered the immediate evacuation of the main encampment of activists opposing the Dakota Access pipeline, but a state official said he would not authorize law enforcement to carry


Police move in on North Dakota pipeline protesters  in pictures

Officials moved in on demonstrators in North Dakota as increasingly tense protests continued over a disputed oil pipeline that tribal leaders have argued threatens the local water supply Read more:


Over 120 arrested at North Dakota pipeline protests, including journalists

Reporters and activists accused police of stifling free speech, saying they aggressively targeted nonviolent protesters with batons and pepper spray North Dakota police arrested more than 120 people over the weekend at Native American oil pipeline protests, including film-makers and journalists, prompting accusations that law enforcement officials are stifling free speech and using excessive force