Nobel peace prize


The Winner Of 2019s Nobel Peace Prize Had Just Been Announced

The world was eagerly waiting to hear who the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize laureate would be and now, finally, that wait has come to an end. The winner is Abiy Ahmed, the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, for his peacemaking deal with longtime enemy Eritrea. The 43-year-old politician was one of the favorites to win this […]

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Nobel peace prize goes to campaigners against sexual violence

Gynaecologist Denis Mukwege and Yazidi campaigner Nadia Murad are jointly awarded Two leaders of the struggle against sexual violence in war have won this years Nobel peace prize, a choice that will hearten campaigners fighting for greater recognition of a grave but long-neglected problem, and may also bring hope to victims worldwide that their suffering […]

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GOP Lawmakers: Trump Still Deserves The Nobel Even After Summit Collapse

President Donald Trump may have pulled out of the North Korean nuclear summit. But several lawmakers still either want to award him the Nobel Peace Prize for his overtures to Kim Jong-Un or believe that the recognition will come in time. Considering Barack Obama received the prize for simply having a pulse and then recklessly […]

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Take away Aung San Suu Kyis Nobel peace prize. She no longer deserves it | George Monbiot

Once she was an inspiration. Now, silent on the plight of the Rohingya, she is complicit in crimes against humanity, writes the Guardian columnist George Monbiot Few of us expect much from political leaders: to do otherwise is to invite despair. But to Aung San Suu Kyi we entrusted our hopes. To mention her name […]

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China invites foreign doctors to treat Liu Xiaobo, the critically ill dissident

Medical experts from the US and Germany are reported to have been invited to help treat Liu for late-stage liver cancer China has invited medical experts from the United States and Germany to help treat dissident Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo for cancer, a local government announced on Wednesday, in an apparent softening of its stance […]

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Juan Manuel Santos: peace prize winner still in search of the final deal

The Colombian president is the Nobel laureate. But, in a plebiscite last week, Colombians rejected his proposed deal to end the war with Farc. Can he still get his hands on the real prize – lasting peace? The winner of this years Nobel peace prize was, for reasons of time difference, still asleep when the […]

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