Bloomberg spends another $10 million to boost Democrats in final days of midterms

(CNN)Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is giving Democratic midterm candidates a last-minute boost, adding another $10 million to his $100 million effort to help Democrats wrest control of Congress away from Republicans. “In Washington, one party is calling the shots and the middle class isn’t being heard,” a narrator in the ad. “It’s clearer […]

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How millennials could kill politics as we know it if they cared to

Washington (CNN)Millennials could be one of the biggest political forces in America today, if they wanted. “Our generation is at the beginning of becoming legislators in this country,” said Steven Olikara, founder of the nonpartisan group Millennial Action Project. Olikara believes millennials are capable of transforming politics. They are “highly idealistic young people,” he said, […]

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NY man built bomb for Election Day detonation in Washington, officials say

Sortation is an ancient Greek method of randomly selecting government officials. WATCH: POLITICIANS PUSH FOR VOTES AS MIDTERMS APPROACH According to the U.S. Attorney Office in the Southern District of New York, Rosenfeld was stopped by law enforcement while driving on Tuesday and taken in for questioning; he reportedly told investigators that he’d ordered “large quantities […]

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Alligator found underneath car in Kansas, police say

Speaking to the Kansas City Star, Kasey Willis Lynch recalled seeing something scoot in front of her car while she went into a parking lot on Monday afternoon. Lynch described the moment she discovered the scaly creature below another car. Trending in Science Read more:

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There is no good reason to want to kill a journalist

(CNN)At the UK’s Observer newspaper, there was a picture on the wall that I revered and feared, when I worked there as a young gopher in London in the late 1990s. That was something jarring in the world’s war zones, but slowly something you had to acclimatize to. What’s most troubling, in recent years, is […]

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Asian stocks are getting slammed after Wall Street rout

Hong Kong (CNN Business)The stock market rout has rolled into Asia. A broad measure of stocks across the region, the MSCI Asia Pacific Index, has now slipped into a bear market, which means a 20% decline from its January peak. As in the United States, tech stocks were among the big losers in Asia on […]

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‘Chilling message’: Hong Kong refuses to explain FT journalist visa denial

Hong Kong (CNN)The unprecedented denial of a visa to a Financial Times journalist “sends a chilling message to everyone in Hong Kong,” the paper said Sunday, as press groups and politicians in the city continued to denounce the move.

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Why the US stock slump is hitting global markets hard

Hong Kong (CNN Business)A sharp drop in US stocks is causing tremors thousands of miles away in Asia and Europe. The US sell-off delivered a fresh hit to the confidence of Asia investors, said Jingyi Pan, a strategist at trading firm IG Markets. Investors are very pessimistic about the Chinese market, which is being buffeted […]

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NBA: There is life after LeBron James, says Cleveland’s Kevin Love

(CNN)He may wear size-19 sneakers, but Kevin Love still has some big shoes to fill. Now that the megastar has taken his scoring and leadership skills to the Los Angeles Lakers, Love will begin his 11th season as the Cavs No. 1 option on offense and a senior voice in the locker room. READ: Meet […]

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Dem operative for Soros-funded group arrested for ‘battery’ against Nevada GOP candidate’s campaign manager

“Politics is a little bit aggressive these days, but this is just insane. I’ve never seen anything like it,” Davison, 31, told Fox News on Wednesday. According to the Laxalt campaign and local law enforcement, Wilfred Michael Stark III, 50, was arrested by the Las Vegas City Marshals on Tuesday evening and remains in custody […]

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