Mount Everest Cleaning Crew Finds 4 Bodies Amid 12 Tons Of Trash

Mount Everest cleaning crew collected food wrappers, oxygen tanks and other garbage discarded by this year’s record horde of mountaineers, they discovered something far more disturbing in the melting snow ― human remains. The Associated Press reported. Tourism Department official Danduraj Ghimire said the remains were taken to a Kathmandu hospital to be identified. bodies remain frozen […]

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Alleged Neymar rape: Lawyer launches impassioned defense of accuser

(CNN)The lawyer for the model Najila Trindade, who accused Brazilian footballer Neymar of rape and assault, defended his client in an interview with CNN, calling her a victim “who, until proven otherwise, has been raped.” He accused members of the press and the public of hostility as he carried Trindade to a police car after […]

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Sleeping with lights on and weight gain in women linked in new study

(CNN)Keeping a lot of light on while you snooze — such as from a television or bright nightlight — has been linked with an increased risk of weight gain and obesity. Obesity means having too much body fat and overweight means weighing too much, according to the US National Library of Medicine. Both overweight and […]

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Pompeo, without offering evidence, blames Iran for Gulf tanker attacks

Washington (CNN)US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blamed Iran for an attack on two tankers in the Gulf of Oman, saying the assessment was based on intelligence, but presented no evidence to support his claim. Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said “suspicious doesn’t begin to describe” this latest incident, noting that one of the […]

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New Jersey woman who connected would-be terrorists with ISIS gets 48 months in prison

(CNN)A New Jersey woman who communicated on Facebook with members of ISIS under the name “Umm Nutella” only weeks after she pleaded guilty to connecting US-based extremists with the terrorist group was sentenced Wednesday to 48 months in prison, minus time served. Ceasar chose the name “Umm Nutella” based on a marketing ploy in which […]

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Colorado couple: We were sickened at same Dominican Republic resort where 3 Americans died

(CNN)As authorities investigate the unexplained deaths of three Americans at a resort in the Dominican Republic, a Colorado couple who stayed at the same facility last year said they became violently ill after being exposed to what they suspect were insecticides spread through the air conditioning system. Last month, Edward Nathaniel Holmes, 63 and Cynthia […]

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Laura Ingraham Features White Supremacist Paul Nehlen, Cites Him As ‘Prominent Voice’

Paul Nehlen in a graphic of “prominent voices censored on social media” on her show “The Ingraham Angle” on Thursday night, and some are outraged. Ingraham talked about this claim with conservative commentator Candace Owens, who said that this is “just the way the internet works” and insisted that Clinton’s and Pelosi’s remarks are an […]

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Wall Street is betting the president won’t let stocks collapse

New York (CNN Business)Investors are once again growing worried about the US-China trade war. But Wall Street isn’t completely freaked out. “If the pain gets too great in the economy and stock market, he will have to find a face-saving solution,” said Carter Mack, president and co-founder of JMP Group, a San Francisco-based investment bank. […]

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Baby Elon Musk, rapping Kim Kardashian: Welcome to the world of silly deepfakes

San Francisco (CNN Business)By day, Paul Shales is a computer programmer who works in advertising operations for a bank. By night, he’s creating videos that show Elon Musk as a creepy looking, giggly baby; President Donald Trump as a temperamental pageant contestant on “Toddlers & Tiaras;” and Kim Kardashian freestyle rapping. Learning to fake with […]

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Panera Bread debuts lobster dishes on summer menu

A lobster roll sandwich and lobster mac and cheese have arrived on select Panera Bread menus through the end of the summer. (Panera Bread) CHICK-FIL-A IS STARTING TO ‘IMAGINE’ VEGAN MENU Fans can look forward to a lobster roll sandwich “packed with knuckle & claw meat, tossed in a lemon tarragon mayonnaise dressing,” while the […]

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