Person Gets Terminated While On Medical Leave, Takes Pics Of Violations In Restaurant And Shuts It Down

Another day, another employee horror story coming out of the U.S. After yesterday’s pooping meme saga, in which a man got fired for sharing a joke on his Facebook wall, now we have an employee getting terminated for 2 weeks in hospital with a serious illness. It makes you wonder why Americans aren’t more active […]

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A Tattoo So Good You Dont Even Notice It

Tattoo by Eric Catalano A hyperrealistic tattoo by artist Eric Catalano has gone viral after appearing on social media. Catalano, who runs the Eternal Ink Tattoo Studio in Hecker, Illinois did the tattoo for free and has since been overwhelmed with requests from amputees and cancer survivors for hyperrealistic tattoos. Catalano says he does these […]

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Causes of Death: Google vs Media vs Reality

Click image to see larger version In a recent post on reddit, a group of students at UCSD published a series of fascinating charts comparing the actual causes of death in the United States versus what people searched on Google and what was discussed most in mainstream media. Using data from the CDC (199-2016), Google […]

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Rosacea: Understanding The Condition And Knowing Your Options

It’s a sign of health and good spirits to have rosy cheeks but you might notice that sometimes, your face seems a littletoo rosy. For way too long. Maybe it only comes out occasionally or maybe you’ve been noticing that your skin seems to look redder each year. If you’ve noticed this, you might have […]

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