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Elizabeth Warren Tears Into Facebook Over Leaked Mark Zuckerberg Audio

Sen. Warrens plan to break up big tech companies during an internal Q&A session and expressed concern about the prospect. According to the Facebook post, Zuckerberg confirmed the authenticity of the audio: Even though it was meant to be internal rather than public, now that its out there, you can check it out if you're […]

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Goodbye Tinder: Facebooks New Dating App Finally Allows You To Romantically Connect With Your Dads Friend Who Likes All Your Posts Even Though Youve Never Met Him

Online dating can be a serious headache, and it’s more likely you’ll find yourself stuck in an endless cycle of dead-end first dates than in a compatible match. But if you’re experiencing dating app fatigue, don’t lose hope of finding that special someone just yet, because Facebook just announced a brand-new dating feature that will […]

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30+ Hilarious Ways The Internet Trolled Mark Zuckerberg Testifying Before Congress

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Public Interrogation: Every Senator Is Angrily Grilling Mark Zuckerberg On Why ClickHoles Articles Arent Getting Shared As Widely On Facebook After It Changed Its Algorithms

It’s just a few minutes into Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary and Commerce Committees, but it’s already looking like the Facebook founder isn’t going to be getting off easy: Every senator in attendance is angrily grilling Mark Zuckerberg on why ClickHole’s articles aren’t getting shared as widely on Facebook since it changed its […]

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UPDATE: Every Facebook User Who Clicked The New Protect My Data Button That Does Nothing But Feels Good To Press Has Had Their Data Stolen By Cambridge Analytica

On March 19, we reported about the new “Protect My Data” button Facebook added to its social media platform that does absolutely nothing, but feels good to click. We now have an upsetting update to that story: Every user who clicked on the completely ineffectual “Protect My Data” button has had their data stolen by […]

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World’s richest 500 see their wealth increase by $1tn this year

Ultra-rich warned of strike-back as global inequality hits a 100-year high and billions of poorer people see their earnings stagnate The worlds 500 richest people have increased their wealth by $1tn (745bn) so far this year due to a huge increase in the value of global stock markets, which are likely to finish 2017 at […]

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Shortsighted, wrong: Apple, Facebook among tech giants to reject Paris pullout

In separate messages, the biggest companies in America express concern at Donald Trumps Paris accord decision The heads of some of the largest and most influential American technology companies expressed their deep disappointment at Donald Trumps decision to withdraw the US from the Paris climate accord. In separate statements and messages on social media, leaders […]

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Move fast, Zuckerberg, or hate will kill Facebook | John Naughton

With 1.3 million new posts every minute, its impossible for the companys moderators to filter out all the nasty stuff Move fast and break things, was the exhortation that Facebooks founder Mark Zuckerberg originally issued to his developers. Its a typical hackers mantra: while the tools and features they developed for his platform might not […]

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Mark Zuckerberg pens major Facebook manifesto on how to burst the bubble

The 6,500-word mission statement reads like a state of the union address, tackling everything from fake news to growing anti-globalization sentiment Read more:

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Facebook court filings hint at possible political future for Mark Zuckerberg

Lawsuit over extent of CEOs control of company shows board voted to give him two-year leave if he serves in a government position or office Mark Zuckerberg may intend to pursue government service while retaining control of Facebook, according to recently unsealed court filings in a case pitting the CEO against minority investors. The class-action […]

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