Marine life


Worst global coral bleaching event eases, as experts await next one

US researchers believe worst event on record is ending but fear coral wont recover in time before oceans warm again The worst coral bleaching event in recorded history, which has hit every major coral region on Earth since 2014, appears to be coming to an end, with scientists now worrying how long reefs will have […]

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‘Faceless’ fish missing for more than a century rediscovered by Australian scientists

Expedition leader says the deep-sea fish had not been seen in waters off Australia since 1873 A faceless deep-sea fish not seen for more than a century has been rediscovered by scientists trawling the depths of a massive abyss off Australias east coast, along with amazing quantities of rubbish. The 40cm fish was rediscovered 4km […]

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How did whales become so large? Scientists dive into marine mystery

Changes in food distribution and not falling ocean temperatures could hold key to shift towards giant lengths The blue whale has a body the length of a jet airliner, a heart the size of a car, and a tongue the same weight as an elephant. Now researchers say they might have solved the mystery of […]

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Where oil rigs go to die

The long read: When a drilling platform is scheduled for destruction, it must go on a thousand-mile final journey to the breakers yard. As one rig proved when it crashed on to the rocks of a remote Scottish island, this is always a risky business It was night, stormy, and the oil rig Transocean Winner […]

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WA shark attack: authorities try to identify predator after teenage surfer killed

Police say surfboard will be analysed after third person killed in shark attack in Western Australia in less than a year Authorities have so far failed to identify the shark that bit the leg of a 17-year-old Western Australian girl, who West Australian reported him as saying. We made it clear in opposition that we […]

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Alien intelligence: the extraordinary minds of octopuses and other cephalopods

After a startling encounter with a cuttlefish, Australian philosopher Peter Godfrey-Smith set out to explore the mysterious lives of cephalopods. He was left asking: why do such smart creatures live such a short time? Inches above the seafloor of Sydneys Cabbage Tree Bay, with the proximity made possible by several millimetres of neoprene and a […]

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Eyewitness: Farewell Spit, New Zealand

Volunteers help to refloat and guide pilot whales out to deeper water after a mass stranding at Farewell Spit on the coast of New Zealand Read more:

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Blubber on the bonnet: seal leaves a dent in Tasmanian town

Launceston police were sent on a wild chase on Boxing Day morning after a large seal wandered through suburban streets, vandalising property and evading capture Read more:

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The Great Barrier Reef is under severe stress but not dead yet

Reports the famed 1,400-mile network of reefs passed away in 2016 after a long illness are greatly exaggerated despite mass bleaching, scientists say Reports of the death of the Great Barrier Reef have been greatly exaggerated, scientists have said, after the publication of an obituary for the vast coral ecosystem. The famed 1,400-mile network of […]

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Most humpback whales to be taken off federal endangered species list

Nine of 14 distinct populations to be removed from endangered list, with four populations still listed as endangered, one as threatened Federal authorities are taking most humpback whales off the endangered species list, saying they have recovered enough in the last 40 years to warrant being removed. The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) said on […]

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