MH370 search maps shed light on remote depths of Indian Ocean

Australian team failed to find missing Malaysia Airlines plane but images show ocean floors mountains, rift valleys and shipwrecks in unprecedented detail Detailed ocean-floor maps made during the one of the worlds greatest aviation mysteries. However, information gathered during painstaking surveys of some 120,000 sq km (46,000 sq miles) of the remote waters west of


Leonardo DiCaprio returns a Picasso as US investigates 1MDB scandal

US actor willingly returns picture and Marlon Brandos Oscar, given to him by a financier linked to Malaysian fund The US Justice Department took legal action on Thursday to recover about $540m in assets that authorities say were stolen by financiers associated with a sovereign wealth fund established by Malaysias prime minister. Items include a


Compensation battle stalls for families of MH370 victims

Malaysia Airlines has received millions in insurance for the planes loss yet relatives are still embroiled in court cases Families of the victims of MH370 have found their battle for compensation has stalled over access to documents from Malaysia Airlines, which claims it has actually gone beyond its legal obligations. Two hundred and thirty-nine people