Man Proposes To His Girlfriend On A New York City Tour Bus

When deciding on the perfect proposal, men have two choices. They can keep it a private and subtle affair, or they can take the go big or go home approach. Its safe to say that Chaddecided to go with the latter when planning to pop the questionto his girlfriend Liana. Now, once you’ve decided to […]

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Young Woman Tells Her Story Of Cancer With A Personal Recording And Dance

Everyone has struggles in their life, which issomething that Brianna Mercado never fails to remind herself. Although, I think shes gone through much more than some of us ever will. Brianna had fought to win the battle against cancer, twice, by age 22. First it was against a rare bone cancer, Ewing’s sarcoma. The second […]

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Kids Give Up Their Field Trip In Order To Help Their Sick Classmates

Sometimes, the biggest acts of kindness can come in the smallest packages. When we see a 3-year-old donate her hair to kids with cancer,or a young boy paying for police officers’lunchto show appreciation, it’s a foolproof wayto make aheart happy and prove that some kids are truly being raised bygreat parents. In this case, it’s […]

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Justin Baldoni And Wife Share A Pregnancy Surprise Video With Everyone They Know

When you watch this video, you mightbe very confused at first, but if you skip to2:30, I think you’ll agree that this is worth the watch. Justin Baldoni is the star of a relatively new show called Jane the Virgin. At the end of the year, he decided to make a video thanking everyone for […]

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Families Help Explain That There Is No Down To Down Syndrome

Raising a child is always scary, but when you’re raising a child born with a disability, sometimes you are petrified and thrust into a world that you do not know how to handle. Which is why videos like this are so important, the things that these families have to say about their children with disabilities […]

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Finally! Gina Has Managed To Catch Herself A Man!

You better sit yourself down for this one! Whether or not youve heard the rumors about our favorite perpetually single gal, let us be the first to officially break the good news! After years of putting herself out there, Gina has finally managed to catch herself a manand by the way she looks at him, […]

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