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US mayors seek to bypass Trump with direct role at UN climate talks

If cities are invited to be at the table, I believe they will help accelerate the work that needs to be done said LA mayor Eric Garcetti US mayors are seeking to go over President Trumps head and negotiate directly at next months UN climate change conference in Santiago, they said as they met in […]

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After lecturing Trump about a clean environment, L.A. mayor is informed of health hazard from 12 tons of uncollected garbage’ that’s swarming with rats’

Eric Garcetti, the mayor of Los Angeles, is not unlike California Gov. Gavin Newsom when it comes to being frequent critics of Trump’s environmental policies that don’t match up with the wants of climate change alarmist progressives. Here’s one such tweet from earlier this year: At all levels of government, it is our responsibility to […]

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Hipster-bashing in California: angry residents fight back against gentrification

In a state where house prices are twice the US average, artists and developers are feeling the ire of a growing movement to defend our homes and our culture Half a century after the summer of love and hippie harmony, California is experiencing a summer of loathing and hipster-bashing. Not just hipsters. Artists, techies, realtors, […]

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Lukaku makes debut as Manchester United see off LA Galaxy

Post-Rooney era starts with a win as Manchester United beat LA Galaxy 5-2 After this stroll of a victory Jose Mourinho became the latest Manchester United manager to rule out a move for Real Madrids Cristiano Ronaldo. Mission impossible was how the Portuguese billed it. We have never thought about it because he is such […]

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Homeless, assaulted, broke: drivers left behind as Uber promises change at the top

Uber has vowed a shakeup of its scandal-prone executive culture. But its drivers, often left destitute by car rentals and low pay, who are being shortchanged It was billed as one of the most important company-wide meetings in the history of Los Angeles. The 28-year-old rolled up his sleeping bag, put it in the trunk […]

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‘Are you FBI?’ how I captured the everyday life of gangland LA

Imperial Courts is a LA housing project most Americans have only seen from a helicopter camera. But, over the course of two decades, photographer Dana Lixenberg chronicled its characters and everyday life When Dutch photographer Dana Lixenberg first started her series Imperial Courts in 1993, on the Watts housing estate of the same name, the […]

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At LA airport’s new private terminal, the rich can watch normal people suffer

LAXs mega-exclusive terminal has beds, massages, and an iPad to watch people slog through the main airport. But the manager denies its about inequality The guiltiest pleasure at Los Angeles international airports (LAX) new LAX each year. There they process thousands of people at a time, theyre barking. Its loud. Here its very, very lovely, […]

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Academy bans cellphones for PwC accountants after Oscars fiasco

After the biggest flub in Oscars history saw La La Land wrongly named best picture, accounting firm in charge of balloting faces new backstage protocols PwC accountants will not be allowed to have their cellphones backstage during future Oscar telecasts. Film academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs sent an email to academy members Wednesday detailing the […]

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Americas millions of Mexicans without documents live in fear of deportation

Donald Trumps crackdown has been a terrifying bolt from the blue The queue starts outside the consulate gate soon after dawn and stretches up Park View street. The visitors speak in low murmurs, exchanging the latest rumours. A dragnet in Glendale. Checkpoints in Highland Park. People deported for jaywalking. For speaking Spanish. Some visitors say […]

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LA wins battle to host Star Wars creator George Lucas’s $1bn museum

The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, nearly a decade in the making, became the subject of a rivalry between San Francisco and LA as both vied for the project The force, it seems, was with Los Angeles. Star Wars creator George Lucas and his team chose LA over San Francisco on Tuesday as the home […]

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