12 Meredith & Derek ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Quotes That Will Make You Believe In True Love

True love is being there for someone 100 percent, even through the most chaotic times. Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd from fit this description perfectly. FYI: Spoiler alerts lie ahead. Over the seasons, the couple went through some pretty big ups and downs, but their passionate love always prevailed. They truly completed each other, and we […]

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Life review Jake Gyllenhaal hits the retro rockets for sub-Alien space horror

Gyllenhall and Ryan Reynolds play members of a scientific team investigation material from Mars that turns out to contain a hostile life-form Like the anonymous phone call in a horror film that turns out to be coming from inside the house, Life is a sci-fi thriller about a contamination crisis: a crisis that goes on […]

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If Youre Unhappy With Your Life, Its Your Responsibility To Change It

Oftentimes, we settle for what we think is right, acceptable and safe. We are so dominated by the idea of staying because it feels scary to move. Because it feels frightening to face a whole new environment without the people, the things, or the places we’ve been so used to. We are so terrified by […]

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Beer And Its Eight Unexpected Health Benefits

We have all heard the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” But has anyone ever mentioned that abeerjust might do the same thing? There are many reasons to expect that alcohol is bad for our health. Not only can it lead to alcoholism, but large quantities can have a truly negative effect […]

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Michelle Obama Joins James Corden And Missy Elliott For Carpool Karaoke

Funnyman James Corden’s talk show might come on late, late at night, but that doesn’t stop the British lad from making headlines with his hilariously entertaining sketches. His most popular segment by far has to be when he invites his famous friends to join him in his car for a round of Carpool Karaoke. I […]

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Tiny Yurt Is A Unique Way To Get Away From It All

A campground has always been one of my favorite places to escape to. Even though it may seem secluded, surrounded by fields and trees, only minutes down the highway are plenty of restaurants and, in the case of my favorite campground, an outlet mall. Growing up, my family would spend our camping time in a […]

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DIY Nutella Lip Balm Is The Yummiest Way To Keep Your Lips Smooth

When it comes to makeup, I tend to like the natural options a lot more than anything filled with tons of chemicals. I especially love being able to find fun new ways to create my own products at home! Lately, I’ve really been focusing on my lips since I finallymastered the ways to keep my […]

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Awaken Your Psychic Abilities With Eight Easy Exercises

When it comes to exercising, I tend to think of it as it applies to my physical body going for a run, stretching, lifting weights, etc. But there are actually a surprising number of ways that I can exercise my mind, as well. And for those out there who believe in the mind’s ability to […]

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Couple Reveals The Genders Of Their Triplets With Colorful Layered Cake

I‘ve never understood how some new parents can wait until their little bundle of joy is born to know its gender. Aside from planning a name ahead of time, something that can take a lot of back and forth between the mom and dad’s ideas, I just couldn’t stand the mystery! That’s definitely amplified when […]

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Arizona Police Officer Selflessly Offers His Own Shoes To Homeless Man

For many of those less fortunate than us,scraping together enough money for the bare necessities can seem impossible. We pass by them on the street holding signs, but how many of us actually go out of our way to lend them a hand? One officer in Arizona has shown just how easy it is to […]

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