Syrian Kurds say spy stole Baghdadis underpants for DNA test

Syrian Democratic Forces also claim they played a key role in tracking down Baghdadi to a compound in northern Syria Syrian Kurds say they managed to place a spy in Abu Bakr al-Baghdadis inner circle who stole a pair of the Islamic State leaders underpants to prove his identity and then helped guide US soldiers […]

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Slaves of Isis: the long walk of the Yazidi women

The long read: When Isis rounded up Yazidi women and girls in Iraq to use as slaves, the captives drew on their collective memory of past oppressions and a powerful will to survive The day before Isis came was a holiday in Sinjar district, northern Syria and Turkey have mostly all fled to neighbouring countries or to Europe. In […]

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Ever-closer ties between US and Kurds stoke Turkish border tensions | Martin Chulov and Fazel Hawramy

Following Turkish airstrikes last week, US armoured vehicles have been deployed as a buffer between Kurdish and Turkish forces In the aftermath of Turkish airstrikes on Kurdish positions in north-east Syria last week, US troops escorted an ageing militant through an angry crowd to inspect the damage. As a senior leader of the Kurdish militant […]

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Battle for Mosul begins: Iraqi and Kurdish forces launch assault on Isis stronghold

Iraqi prime minister Haider al-Abadi orders military offensive to recapture city that has been under Islamic State control since June 2014 A long-awaited offensive to seize back the Iraqi city of Mosul after two years of Isis control has begun, the countrys prime minister has announced. In an address on state television, Iraqs Haider al-Abadi […]

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Exploding drone sent by Isis allies kills and wounds troops in Iraq report

Craft blew up after it was intercepted, killing two Peshmerga fighters and badly wounding two French special forces soldiers, according to French media A drone rigged with explosives and sent by Isis allies killed two Peshmerga fighters in Iraq and badly wounded two French soldiers, according to a report. The craft was intercepted and exploded […]

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Could the liberation of Mosul lead to a million fleeing to Iraqi Kurdistan?

Kurdish peshmerga and the Iraqi army are closing in on the northern city but the battle to liberate it may unleash a humanitarian disaster The Falluja. The battles to evict it from those cities were seen as precursor and preparation for retaking Mosul, with tough street fighting and Isis tactics including ruthless use of civilians […]

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The British dairy farmer who fell in battle against Isis

A recording of an interview in Syria with 22-year-old Dean Carl Evans, from Reading, has been found after he died in battle last month He went to fight Islamic State, and although the food was bad and war a tortuous mix of the boring and the frightening, Kadiza Sultana who was 16 when she and […]

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