Trump Grandstands at NATO Summit Nobody Wanted

LONDONIn political communications, they call it a grip and grin or a spray: Two leaders shake hands and answer a couple of shouted questions while photographers capture the occasion for posterity. Two or three minutes are typically allocated in the diplomatic schedules that have been painstakingly constructed over months of meetings. On Tuesday morning, Donald […]

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Trevor Noah: Trump Is Renting U.S. Military to Saudis

On Monday night, with all the other late-night hosts off this week escape of hundreds of ISIS prisoners theyd previously held captive. Sweet Jesus, exclaimed Noah. Donald Trump is the only person who can find a way to make the Middle East more chaotic. Turkey invading, Kurds fleeing, ISIS escaping?! Like, the Middle East was […]

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Guess who Marie Harf credits with the virtual defeat of ISIS?

U.S. military officials on Tuesday revealed that ISIS has lost 98 percent of the territory it once held, and since President Trump took office, half of its so-called “caliphate” has been captured. You can thank the Obama administration for that, says Marie Harf, now a political commentator for Fox News. Here she is on “The Five” to explain. […]

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Boko Haram leader mocks Nigerian army, parents of missing girls

(CNN)Boko Haram’s embattled leader, Abubakar Shekau, appears in a new video to deny reports of his death and to taunt the parents of the nearly 300 school girls the group kidnapped from their boarding school in 2014. “To the despot Nigerian government: Die with envy. I’m not dead,” Shekau says in the video. Escaped Chibok […]

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Possible Major Victory: A Top ISIS Commander Or Richard Karn Was Killed In A Drone Strike

In the ongoing fight against terrorism, the U.S. may have just scored one of its biggest victories yet. According to high-ranking members of the U.S. military, a drone strike operation conducted last night eliminated senior ISIS commander Tariq Ghazani or American television personality Richard Karn. A statement released by the Pentagon today confirmed that the […]

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