Adorable Baby Gets Photobombed By His Future Self In Hilarious Photo

A dad was walking up and down the huge aisles of his local Costco when he noticed something rather strange in the distance. When he finally realized what he was looking at, it must have been quite the shock, but this man knew what to do in order to prove what he was saying was […]

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Arizona Police Officer Selflessly Offers His Own Shoes To Homeless Man

For many of those less fortunate than us,scraping together enough money for the bare necessities can seem impossible. We pass by them on the street holding signs, but how many of us actually go out of our way to lend them a hand? One officer in Arizona has shown just how easy it is to […]

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My Mother Is The Strongest Person I Know, But Shes Powerless At Sea

It took me a long time to really see just how special my mother is. As Ive grown older, Ive realized how truly rare it is to have a mom like mine. Shes a seemingly indestructible pillar of love and energy, and shes absolutely the strongest person I know, but she is utterly powerless at […]

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93-Year-Old Woman Heads Back To College And Gets 4.0 GPA

At 93 years old, Amy Craton isn’t necessarily your quintessential college student. Many years ago, Craton wasin college pursuing her degree. However, in time life intervened halting her studies. After weathering a divorce and becoming a single parent responsible for supporting four children, Craton let her studies go and ventured straight into the workforce. And […]

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Two Dogs Refuse To Leave Each Others Side After Their Human Abandons Them

It’s both heartbreaking and angering to think that there are actually people out there in the world who would bring pain and suffering to something as beautiful as their pet dog. These animals are absolutely obsessed with their humans, so to take advantage of that purity and to do something as pointlessly cruel as abandoning […]

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These Sikhs Exude Dignity And Poise, But They Need To Get Out Of My Headshots

Sikh culture is based on a rich tradition of love and understanding, and as the Sikhs in this list show, it is also a culture of breathtaking beauty. These Sikhs exude dignity and poise, but unfortunately, I really do need them to get out of my headshots. 1. The poise and solemnity this man displays […]

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Inspiring: This Man Lost 150 Pounds To Run In The New York City Marathon And Then Gained It Back In Time For Cannonball Season

If youre looking for your daily dose of inspiration, look no further than Alan Greer. A year ago, Alan weighed over 300 pounds and hadnt run a mile since high school gym class. But with a lot of hard work and willpower, he just accomplished something incredible: Not only did he drop 150 pounds to […]

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Cops Rescue Ducklings And Their Mom From Under A Truck

Summertime is the perfect time for families to be out and about, making the most out of the beautiful weather, and for little ones to take advantage of playtime in the sun. But human children aren’t the only ones who plan to be out animal families also take advantage of the good weather to make […]

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Twin Brothers Save A Young Boys Life After Hes Buried Alive On The Beach

Any summer outing can seem harmless because everyone is happy to be together and out in the sun. But every season, warnings about potential dangers emerge, and families must be vigilant about how they travel and where to. There are many ways in which family vacations can be pointlessly ruined by an accident that could […]

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Runner Carries The American Flag In The Rain In An Amazing Show Of Patriotism

There are so many reasons for one to love one’s country, but as Americans, we’re particularly attached to our homeland because of the values we share with the other residents of this country. We’re thankful to have a land we can call home, and strangers we feel a kinship to because of the common love […]

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