Indigenous peoples


Jacinda Ardern wears Mori cloak to Buckingham Palace

New Zealand leader in Kahu huruhuru praised as proud moment for female leaders and Mori worldwide New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern has caused a stir with a striking image of her walking the halls of Buckingham Palace swathed in a traditional Mori cloak during this weeks Commonwealth heads of government meeting. The prime minister […]

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Philippines: Duterte threatens to bomb indigenous schools

President claims tribal schools are teaching students to rebel against the government and says he will launch air strikes The Philippine president has sparked alarm among human rights groups after he threatened to bomb tribal schools, accusing them of teaching students to become communist rebels. In a televised news conference on Monday, Rodrigo Duterte condemned […]

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A DNA test showed I’m 100% Mori. Many thought there were none of us left | Oriini Kaipara

Critics often used this argument to counter the push for indigenous rights but now its clear I am a full-blooded Mori. And there will be others Mum! You didnt tell me youre 100% Mori! My daughter Te Aomihia stormed my room this morning brimming with pride, I just read it on the internet! Yes. I […]

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Didgeridoo is his voice: how Djalu Gurruwiwi embodies the sound of a continent

The Indigenous elder revered by some as Australias Dalai Lama is the spiritual keeper of the didgeridoo. A new exhibition honours his legacy and the immense significance of the Yolngu instrument that is helping to heal a divided country The old man with straggly hair, long wispy grey beard and wraparound sunglasses sits at the […]

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Confined: artwork from Indigenous prisoners in Victoria in pictures

An exhibition showcasing art from Indigenous Australians in or recently released from Victorian prisons opens today in Melbourne Read more:

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This Amazon tribe lived without the outside world. They may be the last | Dan Collyns

Ricardo Stuckerts astounding images reminded me of my experiences meeting isolated indigenous people. With living space diminishing, their future is in peril The Perus culture ministry on our side of the river bank. It was Romel Ponciano, whom they called Yotlotle (which means giant river otter in their language), they were calling for. Having seen […]

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Canada mother calls for ban of indigenous ceremonies in schools

British Columbia parent says spiritual smudging ceremony violated religious freedom and asks supreme court to ban expressions of religion in public schools A mother in British Columbia has lodged a legal challenge against her local school district, alleging that an aboriginal ceremony at her childrens school infringed on the familys right to religious freedom. Candice […]

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Inuit argue for say as Canada and Britain decide fate of HMS Terror wreck

Inuit in northern territory of Nunavut, where second ship from Sir John Franklins doomed expedition was discovered, say we have to be at the table Inuit in the northern Canadian territory of Nunavut, where the second ship from Sir John Franklins doomed expedition was recently discovered, are pushing for a voice at the table as […]

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Canadian gin company’s campaign accused of cultural appropriation

Ungava apologises to the Inuit people for offensive video showing cartoon characters paddling a canoe past igloos and a mans voice chanting A Canadian gin company has apologised after its advertising campaigns and branding involving cartoon Inuit characters and young women wearing parka costumes sparked complaints about cultural appropriation Ungava, founded in Quebec in 2010, […]

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Indigenous Canadians taken from homes as children get day in court

Class-action lawsuit brought against Canadian government by survivors of Sixties Scoop to be heard in court after years of appeals and delays After years of delay, thousands of indigenous Canadians who were forcibly removed from their homes as children are finally getting their day in court. An Ontario superior court judge will on Tuesday hear […]

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