Trump Cuts Out Media That Doesnt Make Him Feel Beautiful

For months, President Trump has refused to grace CNN or MSNBC with what he views as the gift of his presence. Its a choice rooted not only in political and media strategy, but also in pure spite. During the 2016 GOP primary, then-candidate Trump and his team relied on a game plan of booking the […]

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Cable-News Trumpkins Use Same Exact Talking Point: Vindman Has Dual Loyalty

If there were talking points sent around Monday evening, following the news that a White House official was set to tell Congress he raised concerns about the presidents infamous Ukraine call, then Trumps top cable-news boosters sure seem to have gotten them. Almost immediately after focused on the fact that Vindman is a Ukrainian-American immigrant. […]

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Dems Are Getting Torched by Trump in Impeachment Ad Wars

As according to The Washington Post. But that investment falls well short of the $10 million that Donald Trump and like-minded allies are preparing to spend on a digital and television ad blitz of their own. And within the party there is growing frustration that Steyers time, efforts and resources would be better spent further […]

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Trump Wants You to Know Hes Smart Enough to Do Quid Pro Quo

As Donald Trump gets dragged deeper, and launched a novel defense of Trump, who Democratic lawmakers allegeas Capitol Hill testimony from senior administration officials investigate former Vice President Joe Biden, a top political rival of Trumps, in exchange for military aid that was being held up. The newspapers esteemed board Mr. [Bill] Taylor says in […]

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Sen. Richard Burr Puts a Crack in Trumps Red Wall

Could there be a Republican in the Senate who would dare run an investigation showing in minute detail what Russia did to boost Donald Trumps campaign for the White House in 2016let alone as the president, secretary of state, attorney general and Americans former mayor are caught red-handed trying to gin up alternate facts? There […]

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Trump Blesses Rudy Giuliani as His One-Man War Room

Donald Trump has emphatically told his aides that he does not need a White House impeachment inquiry.Trump has also asked them to keep him posted when they will appearon television shows and conservative media, according to two people with knowledge of the conversations. As for Giuliani, the president sees the former New York City mayor […]

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Impeachment Splits the Crowd in a Democrats Purple District

ALLENTOWN, PennsylvaniaThe people of Pennsylvanias 7th District showed up to their regular appointment with their representative in Congress, Susan Wild, with a few grievances about the winning her seat in Congress in 2018, stood onstage and calmly swatted down both lines of inquiry. Adam Schiff is not a judge, she told the woman, whose question […]

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