From Harvey to Michael: how America’s year of major hurricanes unfolded

The past year has been marked by storms of record ferocity, apocalyptic damage and thousands of deaths Just two years after Hurricane Florence, which drenched the Carolinas last month, punched holes in Kennedys roof, causing it to collapse. You do get kind of hopeless, said Kennedy, who is renting a place 30 miles away. It […]

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Hurricane Matthew kills 22 in US as flooding endangers North Carolina

The storm left behind a water-logged landscape where flooding was expected to persist for the rest of the week and at least three rivers could reach record levels With floodwaters from Hurricane Matthew on the rise, at least one North Carolina city appeared near chaos Monday, its police station shuttered and sporadic gunfire in the […]

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Hurricane Matthew weakens from category 5 on path toward Jamaica

Haiti and Cuba also in path of strongest Atlantic hurricane since 2007, which has already skimmed coastal Colombia One of the most powerful Atlantic hurricanes in recent history weakened slightly on Saturday as it drenched coastal Colombia and roared across the Caribbean on a course that threatened Jamaica, Haiti and Cuba. Matthew briefly reached the […]

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Hundreds of baby animals flood wildlife centers in wake of storm Hermine

Squirrels and racoons were knocked from trees by the storm, and wildlife officials said boxes of little critters were brought in by concerned residents Hundreds of animals, including baby squirrels and raccoons, are being tended to in wildlife centers in the wake of said Teresa Stevenson, the centers director. They were buying heating pads, they […]

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Tropical Storm Earl bears down on Mexico, Belize and Honduras

At least six deaths reported in Dominican Republic as wind, rainfall and rising seas present triple threat say US meteorologists The governments of Mexico, Belize and Honduras have issued storm warnings as a weather system that has already caused at least six deaths was designated a tropical storm by the US National Hurricane Center. Tropical […]

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