Hurricane Irma


From Harvey to Michael: how America’s year of major hurricanes unfolded

The past year has been marked by storms of record ferocity, apocalyptic damage and thousands of deaths Just two years after Hurricane Florence, which drenched the Carolinas last month, punched holes in Kennedys roof, causing it to collapse. You do get kind of hopeless, said Kennedy, who is renting a place 30 miles away. It […]

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Vigilante Justice Fail: Reddit Just Mistakenly Identified This 21-Year-Old Muslim College Student As Hurricane Irma

In the wake of devastating events, the internet can be a powerful tool for crowd-sourcing important and helpful information, but too often the investigative efforts of large online communities only end up making things worse. This is exactly what happened Sunday night, when faulty speculation and misguided amateur sleuthing led Reddit users to mistakenly identify […]

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