2 Dogs Push Out And Get On The Roof, Neighbor Documents The Hilarious Attempts To Make Them Go Back Inside

Two dogs pushed out a screen window on the second floor of their owner’s house and ended up on the roof, right above the garage. Well, it turns out the canines were too busy having a ‘party’ on the roof and didn’t want to go back inside. Not even Scooby Snacks could do the trick! […]

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Man Accidentally Unleashes 250 Crickets In His House And People Are In Tears With Laughter

blue-tongued lizards living around our houses, hoping that if we fed them enough we could make them grow into Godzilla-like creatures that we could take to school and scare our classmates with. Sadly, they simply got fat and lazy. But boy did they love eating those crickets! So when Washington Post reporter Christopher Ingraham and […]

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Tiny House Living Inspires Man To Create Entire Community Of Cottages

Ben Rawson was working on a farm when his living situation suddenly changed. He was forced to move himself, his wife, and his 3-year-old daughter out of their home. Although he had few resources, he came up with a plan. He would build a temporary tiny home for his family to stay in until they […]

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House-Sit For Your Neighbors While Theyre On Vacation!

This feature requires JavaScript to function. Go answer the door. Okay. PLESH! Fievel is a cunning mouse from a motion picture, you learn. This is the first you have heard of him. The knocking at the door has stopped. Deal! I have no questions. Please go away to vacation now. Go house-sit for the Pleshes. […]

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