Hong Kong


‘This is part of the plan’: new train blurs line between China and Hong Kong

The Vibrant Express connects Hong Kong with mainland China in 20 mins and the citys residents are nervous Inside the newly built West Kowloon terminus, its hard to know where Hong Kong stops and China begins. A restaurant on one floor is technically on Hong Kong soil. Just below it, a duty-free shopping area belongs […]

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20+ Photos From My Neon Hunting In Cyberpunk Cities Of Asia

Having always dreamt of a trip wherein I could visit some of the most notorious Cyberpunk places in Asia, in just 10 days, I came up with a plan to travel from Tokyo to Hong Kong, and then to Macau. #9 reply #10 reply #13 reply #14 reply View More Replies… #15 reply #16 reply […]

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‘I won’t give up fighting’: barred Hong Kong politician pushes back against Beijing

Pro-democracy activist Nathan Law disqualified with three others after altering oath to China says he is inspired by Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo Nathan Law was on his way to becoming a model Hong Kong citizen in the eyes of the Chinese government. He grew up in an apolitical family living in government housing, raised by […]

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Xi Jinping: any challenge to China’s power in Hong Kong ‘crosses a red line’

President warns against any attempt to sabotage the mainland via Hong Kong, as scuffles break out between rival protest groups Hong Kong must not be used as a launchpad to challenge Beijings authority and any questioning of Chinas sovereignty in the territory crosses a red line, Chinese president Xi Jinping has said during a visit […]

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Chris Patten: A craven Britain has demeaned itself with China, Brexit will make it worse

Hong Kongs last governor is astonished at Britains behaviour and says it must be firmer as it searches for a post-EU trade relationship The British governments kowtowing to China on issues including human rights and Hong Kongs quest for democracy will become increasingly craven following the UKs departure from the European Union, the former colonys […]

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How China changed Hong Kong: views from the city

As the 20th anniversary of the handover from the UK to China is marked, the Guardian talks to residents and officials about the shifts since 1997 Hong Kong is preparing to mark the 20th anniversary of the handover of the territory from the UK to China. The moment will bring thousands on to the streets […]

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Xi no evil: Hong Kong bans protest slogans as Chinese president visits

Posters or other displays that could embarrass leaders, such as mentions of Tiananmen Square, are ordered removed from tour routes Hong Kong police have launched a crackdown on political banners and images ahead of a visit to the city by the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, to avoid embarrassing the countrys leaders. Swaths of Hong Kong […]

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As China tramples on Hong Kong’s freedom, a feeble Britain avoids its glance | Angela Gui

Theresa May emphasises the importance of British values. But Britains limpness over Hong Kong demonstrates how easily they are compromised I am too young to remember the handover of Hong Kong to China in 1997 and its promise for the new world I would live in. But I have lived to see that promise trampled. […]

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Hong Kong accused of smothering dissent for expected Xi Jinping visit

Authorities reportedly deny permission for Victoria Park a traditional protest venue to be used by pro-democracy demonstrators Pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong have accused authorities of trying to smother dissent by stopping them congregating in one of the former colonys biggest parks when Xi Jinping visits to commemorate the 20th anniversary of handover. Since Hong […]

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Xi Jinping must calm ‘hearts and minds’ of Hong Kong, says Patten

As the former colony prepares for the visit of the Chinese president to mark 20 years since the handover, the last British governor warns over freedoms Chinese president Xi Jinping must strive to calm the hearts and minds of Hong Kongs seven million citizens during the upcoming commemorations of the 20th anniversary of handover, the […]

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