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Joy of pecs: Jessica Fostekew, the weightlifting comic shredding body fascism

When her trainer called muscly women unfeminine, the standup turned her outrage into a hilarious show full of sweat, barbells, chalk and childbirth Jessica Fostekew felt nervous yesterday, very nervous. So she went to lift some weights. I was at peak dread, she says. So I was like, Just do 20 minutes. Then I felt […]

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America has an infant mortality crisis. Meet the black doulas trying to change that

In the US, black babies die at twice the rate of white babies. In Cleveland, the mortality rate is nearly three times as high. Can birth advocates make a difference in one of Americas most segregated cities? Rachel is a college-educated professional pianist who lives in a middle-class leafy Ohio, a former urban powerhouse which […]

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On a bad day, private jokes between friends are little gifts of mirth | Hannah Jane Parkinson

One of the strongest bonds people can have is a shared sense of humour I have a friend, Eleanor, with whom I share so many private jokes that if one of us were involved in a crime and the police impounded our phones, it would take Alan Turing-levels of expertise to decode our text conversations. […]

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Sounding it out: Listening to white noise put my life back on track

Megan Nolan was searching for a way to switch off the stresses of modern life. Then she discovered white noise. Here, she charts how the flat frequencies helped her cope Late last year Spotify presented me with my Top 100 most listened to tracks of 2018 and, as ever when Im presented with some unknown […]

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Belle Gibson faces legal action over ‘deceptive’ claims lifestyle changes could cure cancer

Consumer Affairs Victoria has commenced legal proceedings against founder of recipe and lifestyle app The Whole Pantry Belle Gibson, the wellness blogger who reportedly faked brain cancer to her hundreds of thousands of followers, is facing legal action in Australia over deceptive conduct after an investigation by a consumer watchdog. Gibson, who lives in Melbourne, […]

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