Mom Throws Out Her Gay Son After He Comes Out, Grandpa Disowns Her With Powerful Letter

Even though it’s 2019 and the LBGTQ community are a fully visible and integrated part of many Western societies, there is, sadly, still plenty of irrational intolerance to overcome. And while we might think that things are getting better, they are actually getting worse. According to Accelerating Acceptance report, the number of Americans 18 to […]

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Guy Takes His Grandpa And Uncle To Get Their Hearing Aids Done, Tweets Hilarious Adventures On The Way

As we get older we start to deteriorate a little – things like eyesight and hearing are often the first to go. Although the ravages of time are unavoidable, we have invented ways to at least mitigate our senior shortcomings; glasses and hearing aids have become essential kit for many older folk. But with age […]

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