30 Womens Everyday Problems That Perfectly Sum Up Life As A 21st Century Woman

“Romanian-Canadian artist and lazy fairy.” This is how Cassandra Calin describes herself and it’s kinda fitting. The well-known cartoonist, illustrator, and graphic designer is based in Montreal, Canada. She talks about her everyday life, personal experiences, and first world problems in witty and fun comics that many people from around the world relate to. The […]

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30 Of The Worst And Funniest Beach Fails Shared For Jimmy Fallons Challenge

Jimmy Fallon, the host of the popular The Tonight Show, asked his viewers to share their biggest, baddest beach blunders. “It’s Hashtags time! Tag a tweet with #2 Sea, sand, and sun should be all about fun but they’re not, as these people’s responses to Fallon’s challenge will show you. Beware. Some of these stories […]

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Man Accidentally Unleashes 250 Crickets In His House And People Are In Tears With Laughter

blue-tongued lizards living around our houses, hoping that if we fed them enough we could make them grow into Godzilla-like creatures that we could take to school and scare our classmates with. Sadly, they simply got fat and lazy. But boy did they love eating those crickets! So when Washington Post reporter Christopher Ingraham and […]

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If I want to know every detail about your life, I would probably be more active in it…

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Genius Undermines Annoying Hipster Entrepreneurs At Cafe In One Swift, Epic Move

1 Via: 01DragonLord01 Read more:

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30 Shower Thoughts That Will Blow Your Mind

Prepare to have your mind blown. 1 Via: Dustin 3 Via: Dustin 5 Via: Dustin 7 Via: Dustin 9 Via: Dustin 11 Via: Dustin 13 Via: Dustin 15 Via: Dustin 17 Via: Dustin 19 Via: Dustin Read more:

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Guy Has Complete Mental Breakdown After Getting Pic From A Birthday Party

Take a minute, dude 1 Via:

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Dad Gets Ruthless Revenge After Another Man Slaps His Daughter’s A** During a Softball Game

This guy is going down as the dad of the week after he utterly dismantled an embezzler after he wouldn’t leave his daughter alone in her softball league.  We’re not going to dox anyone, but there’s strong confirmation that this story is completely true.  Good game ‘Steve’. 1 Via: Scoot_Ya_Boot 3 Via: Scoot_Ya_Boot 5 Via:

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10 Times Domino’s Pizza Zimbabwe’s Facebook Page Didn’t Fail to Bring the High Quality Entertainment

Definitely our first time stumbling across a ‘Domino’s Pizza Zimbabwe’ Facebook posts dump, and damn are we glad we did. Whoever is running/ran this account could give the social media marketing genius back over at Wendy’s a run for their money.  1 Via: pizzasupport 3 Via: pizzasupport 5 Via: pizzasupport 7 Via: pizzasupport 9 Via: […]

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16 Things Every Girl Is Praying All Guys Stop Doing In Bed Immediately

1. Please stop with the whole “back of the head” grab and push thing when we’re going down on you. We’ve it. We are very aware of what to do thank you KINDLY. All you’re doing is A) hurting us OR B) pissing us off. Or both. You’re also creating a potential gagging scenario and […]

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