I Illustrate Bizarre And Funny Things I Overhear People Say (17 New Pics)

I recently collected all of the illustrations into a book titled #ThingsThatIHear available For more illustrations, check my other posts on Bored Panda here.  This post may include affiliate links. #1 4 reply View More Replies… #3 15 reply View More Replies… #5 7 reply View More Replies… #7 15 reply View More Replies… #9 […]

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Tweets Shared By 40 Women That Made Others Crack Up

We’ve collected, concocted, and collated some of the very best examples of funny tweets posted by women. Grab a mug of hot cocoa or mulled wine, get comfortable on the couch, grab your cat or doggo for some company, and start scrolling. Upvote your fave tweets and share this list with anyone who desperately needs […]

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29 Lolnein Comics That I Created To Make People Laugh (New Pics)

Most of them are about inanimate objects which come to life. That’s because I have always, especially as a child, personified things around me. And since a lot of my comics are about everyday objects, many people can strongly relate to them. Some comics might even change how you look at all the everyday objects […]

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50 Students Shame Their Schools On The Worst Designs Ever

further slashed under conservative governments in the U.S. and UK, the situation in these countries at least leave the profession en masse. So much for caring about the next generation! Scroll down below to check them out for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments! #1 This School Bus Ad So […]

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50 Struggles That 90s Kids Remember Too Well

The technology that kids now take for granted was refined over the years through our experiences. We eventually got the internet but we needed to wait for it to connect. We had phones, but they were connected to our houses until Nokia came along with SMS and snake. Oh, and we had something similar to […]

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My Newest Inventions That Solve Problems Which Dont Exist

No one was asking for these inventions to be created, but I have taken it upon myself to bring these creations to life – whether you like it or not. Now tell me what would your Unnecessary Invention be if you were in charge (which you aren’t). More info: Now make your favorite snack faster […]

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41 Cynical Comics I Created To Deal With A Breakup After A 15-Year Relationship

Other comics are available on #14 Fullmetal! Birth Of The Cactus Rabbits reply #15 Home Decora-John reply #16 Merry Christmas! reply View More Replies… #17 Fokking Tomatte reply View More Replies… #18 Watch Out For Extor-John! reply #19 The Ori-John Story reply #20 Upcoming Elecjohns reply View More Replies… #21 Johnny Playstation reply View More […]

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18 Everyday Things That Are Fed Up With Your Crap (My Illustrations)

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I Started Making Comics With No Experience In Drawing, Almost 4 Years Later Here Are The Results (44 New Pics)

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20+ Simple Yet Powerful Comics By Venezuelan Artist That Will Make You Think, And Chuckle Too

“I think the kind of people who enjoy my comics are the ones who like to take a look inside of them and the origin of their feelings,” Maria told Bored Panda. “Introspective and sensitive people, people who are in love.” Now living in Santiago, Chile, she feels a deep sadness about the way things […]

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