Heres How I Imagine Animals Behave When You Arent Looking (25 New Pics)

I love relooking animals, mixing poetry and fantasy. I question the laws of nature and physics every day, to leave my imagination free to create a world different from the one we know. What I like about them are their innocence and anonymity. I want to believe that some of them can really behave as […]

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I Illustrate Bizarre And Funny Things I Overhear People Say (17 New Pics)

I recently collected all of the illustrations into a book titled #ThingsThatIHear available For more illustrations, check my other posts on Bored Panda here.  This post may include affiliate links. #1 4 reply View More Replies… #3 15 reply View More Replies… #5 7 reply View More Replies… #7 15 reply View More Replies… #9 […]

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Here Are 25 Wildlife Photography Award Finalists And The Photos Are Amazing

Just a few month ago we found out who the best Wildlife Photographer of the year 2019 was and promptly congratulated Yongqing Bao with a well-deserved win. His winning photograph titled “The Moment” showcases a a young fox and a marmot in a moment of life and death. The hungry mother fox baring its teeth, […]

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I Spent 3 Weeks In Japan This Winter, Here Are My Best Cyberpunk And Noir Film Inspired Photographs (34 Pics)

My name is Teemu, I’m an urban street photographer based in Asia. I love to take photos especially at night, and I’ve been inspired by cyberpunk and noir films. My favorites include Blade Runner 2049 and Road to Perdition. I hope you like the shots! This post may include affiliate links. #1 10 reply #3 […]

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32 Disney-Inspired Makeup Looks By This Amazing Artist

#2 Jasmine (Aladdin) #3 Yzma (The Emperor’s New Groove) Each and every make-up design is really well-thought-of and unique focusing on a particular character. The artist pays a lot of attention to detail so that each detail would reflect a certain trait or a feature that makes them stand out of the crowd. She uses […]

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The 35 Best Wildlife Photos Of 2019

Every year, we eagerly wait to see the fantastic photos that battle it out for fame, glory, and the chance to win their artists the honor of being called the Wildlife Photographer of the Year. This year’s winner is none other than Yongqing Bao, who won the award with his stunning photo called ‘The Moment,’ […]

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Guy Illustrates How Stupid Technology Can Get (19 Pics)

“I became obsessed with computers when I was about 15,” the creator of the series, Andrew Gale, wrote on Bored Panda. “I had always wanted to own a gaming PC but my parents couldn’t afford one. So, in an attempt to save money, I decided to try and build one myself and started researching the parts […]

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30 Womens Everyday Problems That Perfectly Sum Up Life As A 21st Century Woman

“Romanian-Canadian artist and lazy fairy.” This is how Cassandra Calin describes herself and it’s kinda fitting. The well-known cartoonist, illustrator, and graphic designer is based in Montreal, Canada. She talks about her everyday life, personal experiences, and first world problems in witty and fun comics that many people from around the world relate to. The […]

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The Worlds Largest Photography Competition Announced 30 Finalists From Over A Million Entries

Photography has been around for nearly 200 years now and humanity’s fascination with taking pictures has only been growing over the past couple of centuries. Nowadays, it is one of the primary ways to explore and experience the world. In fact, photography is such a big deal that there are now plenty of social media […]

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Baker Makes Hyper-Realistic Cakes That Will Make You Do A Double Take (27 Pics)

#2 #3 #4 Luke works at the famous Carlo’s Bakery in Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey, which is known to be the location of Carlo’s Bakery that shot to fame on the TLC show Cake Boss. Many people come here to see his culinary artistry and taste some amazingly realistic desserts. These mouth-watering sweet treats can […]

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