Friends star Courteney Cox regrets ‘horrible’ efforts to fight ageing

The 52-year-old is the latest female actor to speak out about the pressure on older women to keep their youthful looks Courteney Cox, the former Friends star, has said she is reconciled to looking older and regrets some procedures she had in the past to keep the wrinkles at bay. Cox, 52, spoke out during […]

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5-Year-Old LJ Celebrates Beating Cancer With The ASU Devils

It seems that in our world, shaving your head, or seeing someone bald, is sometimes associated with cancer. Although it’s unfortunate thatwe associate this way because cancer has touched so many people in our world, it’s still a great thing to hear about when someone beats this horrible disease or fights through with positivity. That […]

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House-Sit For Your Neighbors While Theyre On Vacation!

This feature requires JavaScript to function. Go answer the door. Okay. PLESH! Fievel is a cunning mouse from a motion picture, you learn. This is the first you have heard of him. The knocking at the door has stopped. Deal! I have no questions. Please go away to vacation now. Go house-sit for the Pleshes. […]

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