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’19th Century Fox’: Murdoch firm ‘clearly not fit’ to take over Sky, lawyer warns

Lisa Bloom, who helped to expose alleged harassment at Fox News, urges Ofcom to kill the deal: This is a company that made choices against womens rights The lawyer who has helped to expose the alleged sexual harassment at Fox News, ending the career of the star anchor Bill OReilly, has warned that the battle […]

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Ted Koppel tells Sean Hannity he is ‘bad for America’

Veteran newsman criticised Fox News host during interview about fake news and the polarisation of the US Veteran newsman Ted Koppel has told Fox News commentator Sean Hannity that he is bad for America @CBSNews release the Unedited 45 minute interview so people can see the BS games you play in the edit room. I […]

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Fox News’s ‘Swedish defence advisor’ unknown to country’s military officials

After Donald Trumps infamous whats happening in Sweden comment, Nils Bildt was billed on The OReilly Factor as Swedish national security advisor Swedish military and foreign-affairs officials have said they know nothing about a man who appeared on Fox News in the US billed as a Swedish defence and national security advisor. Swedes, and some […]

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Main Stream Media is Fake News

Are you still watching TV… well bless your heart…. [amazon bestseller=”survival knife” items=”3″]

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What do Donald Trump’s Twitter tastes tell us about him?

Trump follows Bill OReilly and Piers Morgan, but top Republicans Rudy Giuliani and Paul Ryan dont make the cut his list, its like your dad joined Twitter to find out what all the fuss was about, followed his direct relatives and everyone in his book club, then got bored. It has a sudden, inorganic feel, […]

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Father of Muslim teen arrested for clock sues conservative media for defamation

The lawsuit claims that Glenn Beck, Fox and others wrongly floated the idea that Ahmed Mohamed deliberately brought a hoax bomb to school as a PR stunt The father of Ahmed Mohamed, the Muslim teenager arrested in Texas last year when he history of tension between the Muslim community and rightwing groups in Irving and […]

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