Taco Bell Is Selling Gift Boxes On National Taco Day & You’ll Love What’s Inside

If you haven’t already marked Oct. 4 on your calendar as National Taco Day, then I’ll give you a minute to go ahead and circle that day now. Of course, if you’re a lover of Taco Bell (who isn’t?), day can be National Taco Day if you want it to be, but the fast-food chain is […]

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Vodka-Infused Ice Cream Exists And It’ll Make Your Dessert So Much Boozier

If you’ve never really been one to believe that there’s room for dessert, then you might think that the release of new ice cream isn’t anything special. Trust me, this newest must-have in your your freezer is made with a special ingredient that might just have you flipping your “meh” stance on desserts right on its […]

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Taco Bell’s New Collaboration With Forever 21 Will Spice Up Your Fall Wardrobe

Remember when a trip to the mall was all about finding a fab new top and then indulging in some food court goodness? Well, Taco Bell is here to bring those memories rushing right back — with a twist. The fast food chain has partnered with Forever 21 to create a fashion collection that will […]

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Shake Shack’s New Boozy Milkshakes Are Made With Prosecco And We Need Them

Shake Shack’s juicy burgers, crispy fries, and regular milkshakes are American staples. But the fast casual chain started by restauranteur Danny Meyer is adding something extra to its shake menu in honor of NBC’s  revival: booze. But there’s a catch! Shake Shack’s boozy milkshakes will be available for a very limited time (as in literally two weeks from […]

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