Man Films His Grandma Every Time He Visits For A Year

At first, this particular story starts like any other home video: We meet an elderly woman, Shirley Hershkowitz, and her family as she goes about her seemingly normal day-to-day routine. Her daughter stops by to drop off groceries, they go on walks together, and they certainly dont mince words, as any tight-knit motherdaughter duo can […]

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8 Characters I Created To Teach My Kid About Dental Hygiene That Have Unfortunately Come To Life

With my son, Nathan, getting old enough to brush his own teeth, I thought Id mix a little fun into parenting and draw up some colorful cartoon characters to help teach him proper oral hygiene. Please believe me when I say that had I known they would come to life and show up at our […]

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Can You Escape From Hell?

This feature requires JavaScript to function. Keep driving. Swerve. Drive head-on into Martin Scorsese. Uh-oh. Looks like Marty isnt getting it. Shout at Martin Scorsese to get out of the road. Swerve. Drive head-on into Martin Scorsese. Do you know about any good restaurants in NYC? Shout at Martin Scorsese to get out of the […]

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Pretty Good, Considering: This Guy Sinks 3 Out Of 10 Threes After Being Told His Parents Are Separating

Basketball fans, get ready to shake your heads in disbelief. Before this guy stepped on the court, he had been given some terrible news: His parents were separating. But, incredibly, this baller was still able to drain three out of 10 from downtown, which is pretty impressive given the circumstances. Check it out! Read more: […]

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