A letter to London, where my girlfriend and I could be out and proud

The letter you always wanted to write Youre the first place I visited, the first time I travelled out of my home country. When I applied for my visa, I saw your grandeur, I saw your authenticity and I longed to visit you. When I boarded my flight, I knew I was in for the […]

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The real reason women freeze their eggs | Eva Wiseman

Its often assumed women freeze their eggs to stop the ticking of their fertility clocks so they can crack on with their careers. The truth is rather different, says Eva Wiseman Theres a story that weve been told about why women freeze their eggs, which begins with ambition for a career and ends with them […]

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Want to fight climate change? Have fewer children

Next best actions are selling your car, avoiding flights and going vegetarian, according to study into true impacts of different green lifestyle choices The greatest impact individuals can have in fighting climate change is to have one fewer child, according to a new study that identifies the most effective ways people can cut their carbon […]

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Why I wrote the sex manual Id have loved as a teenager

The Spanish YouTuber Chusita gives young people honest, down-to-earth advice on sex in her new book, This Is Not a Sex Book At a recent book signing in Barcelona, Spanish YouTuber Chusita. They then told everyone how much they loved the book and that it had rekindled their sex life. Their daughter stood beside them, […]

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A moment that changed me: becoming godmother to a refugees baby | Sarah Graham

Through her old job at Women for Refugee Women, Sarah Graham struck up a friendship with a pregnant Ghanaian woman Here, go to Auntie Sarah, Lucy said, as she thrust her four-month-old baby into my arms not leaving me any time to panic or protest. Ive never felt particularly maternal. I wasnt even sure if […]

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I dont want to have sex with my husband any more

A reader who married as a virgin finds sex burdensome, but doesnt want to divorce. Mariella Frostrup says she needs to take control of her physical needs to reignite the passion The dilemma Im a 38-year-old lady of Muslim background, but barely practising. I married as a virgin and had an active sex life in […]

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Lonely? Its time to brush up your intimacy skills

Improving our ability to be more intimate in relationships is just another skill, like learning a language, says the neuroscientist Giovanni Frazzetto Giovanni Frazzetto speaks with a thin voice, barely louder than our footsteps; we are walking around St Stephens Green in Dublin. To hear, Ihave to lean in. At first Ithink hes shy, but […]

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How much do your kids really need to know about your sex life?

After splitting up with her husband, Sylvia Brownrigg faced a dilemma. Should she tell her children about any new relationships, or her past one with a woman? Would they even be interested? A couple of things are reliably true about kids: they start out being wonderfully self-centred; and they dont they really DO NOT want […]

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A letter to my husband, who has a mind all of his own

The letter you always wanted to write It has taken me 30-odd years of marriage to realise this, but the clues have always been there. There are the many car journeys where you will drive, and I will spend hours bashing the console and rearranging the door-pocket, in search of a minute noise that I […]

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How I looked for clues to my sisters inner world in her art

My sister, Fauzia, died too young and all we had left of her was her art small, beautiful, incomplete pieces of her My sister, Fauzia, had her first big bout of depression in 1990, though none of us recognised it at the time. She had just dropped out of her fine art foundation course at […]

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