Thanksgiving In My Family Is Always Tense Because I Read News Outlets Owned By Liberal Billionaires And My Uncle Reads News Outlets Owned By Conservative Billionaires

As much as I enjoy Thanksgiving, I can get pretty stressed out thinking about the charged political conversations that always seem to break out between my uncle and me. No matter which topic we broach, Thanksgiving dinner is usually pretty tense because I read news outlets owned by liberal billionaires while my uncle Robert reads


Is marriage improving your health?

In theory being married is better for than you than being single, but theres a twist, says Ben Ambridge Is your marriage healthy? Many studies have found that married people are healthier than unmarried ones, and the longer you have been married, the healthier you are. But it depends on gender and age. To find


Im angry that my partner is not invited to my cousins wedding

Mariella Frostrup says a woman irritated her boyfried has been excluded from a family wedding must accept that decision or decline the invitation The dilemma My cousin and I were extremely close growing up as neither of us had brothers or sisters. We spent summer holidays together and went away abroad together with our families,