Tim Dowling: Im American, I can handle a heatwave. Right?

By 4pm, even the tortoise has sought refuge indoors, attacking the stub of a lettuce in the shadow of the kitchen table On Saturday I am woken by what sounds like the hooves of eight tiny reindeer skittering above my head. I know from experience that the noise is being made by a single fat […]

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Guy Takes His Grandpa And Uncle To Get Their Hearing Aids Done, Tweets Hilarious Adventures On The Way

As we get older we start to deteriorate a little – things like eyesight and hearing are often the first to go. Although the ravages of time are unavoidable, we have invented ways to at least mitigate our senior shortcomings; glasses and hearing aids have become essential kit for many older folk. But with age […]

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Dads Share A Heartwarming Picture Of Their First Day After Adopting A Son

There’s nothing more important in life than family. When there are so many bad things happening in this world, everybody needs to feel loved and supported. Sadly, there are so many unfortunate children who didn’t get a chance to have the love and affection they needed while growing up. Growing up in an abusive family […]

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Growing up fast: why parenting in your 20s is the new punk

With the average age of first-time parents over 30 and rising, having kids in your 20s is increasingly unusual. So what is it like swapping nights out with friends, for endless night feeds? When she was a teenager, Maya Dupre wanted more than anything to be an actor, like her idol, Emma Watson. By the […]

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Working Father Of 3 Says His Wifes Everyday Life Is Easy And Mothers Agree With Him

With so many people convinced that it’s not so hard to be a stay-at-home mom or dad, exhausted parents often have to show them the reality. One of the ways these at-home warriors are debunking this myth is by candidly sharing their parenting struggles. Brad Kearns, a father of three, who, hand-in-hand with his wife, […]

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Crude, racist textbooks have no place in todays education system | David Lammy

Dont teach children that Caribbean fathers are largely absent, teach them about slavery and exploitation, says Labour MP David Lammy I remember sitting in geography in my Peterborough classroom in the 1980s, cringing and feeling embarrassed whenever we were shown images of Africans in mud huts, or another depiction of what might have been referred […]

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Of course US birth rates are falling this is a harsh place to have a family

The US is one of only four countries in the world with no government-subsidized maternity leave while 36% of the workforce are contract laborers with no access to benefits Americas birth rate has fallen to a 30-year low, let the hand-wringing and finger-pointing begin. Its those selfish women, wanting careers before kids! Or, gasp, not […]

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Two heterosexual Irish men marry to avoid inheritance tax on property

Matt Murphy, 83, intends to leave his house to his carer Michael OSullivan, 58, but it would have left him with a 50,000 tax bill Two Irish men have married in Dublin to avoid paying 50,000 in inheritance tax on a house. Best friends Matt Murphy and Michael OSullivan are both heterosexual, but decided to […]

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Thanksgiving In My Family Is Always Tense Because I Read News Outlets Owned By Liberal Billionaires And My Uncle Reads News Outlets Owned By Conservative Billionaires

As much as I enjoy Thanksgiving, I can get pretty stressed out thinking about the charged political conversations that always seem to break out between my uncle and me. No matter which topic we broach, Thanksgiving dinner is usually pretty tense because I read news outlets owned by liberal billionaires while my uncle Robert reads […]

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Aisling Bea: My fathers death has given me a love of men, of their vulnerability and tenderness

The comedians father killed himself when she was three. She was plagued by the fact he made no mention of her or her sister in the letter he left. Then, 30 years after his death, a box arrived My father died when I was three years old and my sister was three months. For years, […]

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